the n e o n spy n.
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The N e o n Spy. PowerPoint Presentation
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The N e o n Spy.

The N e o n Spy.

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The N e o n Spy.

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  1. TheNeonSpy. By: Abby Howard

  2. You are a Neon spy. At the spy hide out. You are playing checkers with your friends, you get a mission from your boss. Your mission is to get any information you can, on this old spy agent Alan.

  3. You spy on him when he’s at work, on the bus and even when he’s at home. You have been doing this for two weeks and you wonder, what did he do that’s so bad that I have to spy on him? If you want to continue fallowing Alan Go back the spy hide out and ask your boss why your spying on Alan

  4. One day when you were following Alan, you see him go into a banded art studio. So you follow him in. You hear a drone sound, so you go to follow it but you trip over a stool and he see’s you.

  5. You ask him “What have you done that’s so bad?” “Well I have turned my back on the Neon spy agents, when they needed me the most”.

  6. “So I got my job taken away they gave it to some new kid. I suspected it was you, am I right?” Yes you are right.” You reply. “We all have secrets I told you mine, but I don’t trust you to keep it to yourself. You took my jobso now I take you’re life. Just to be fare.”

  7. He jumps on your back punching you, so you throw him on the ground he is un conches, you call for back up. As you are waiting for back up you tie him on a chair. Back up is finely here they arrested him, and put him in jail. You go back to the Neon spy hide out, and you become a Neon agent.

  8. TheEnd Go back to the beginning to start again

  9. You go back to the spy hide out to ask your boss, why your Spying on Alan. “What are you doing here!? Your suppose to be spying on Alan!” your boss yells at you. His face started to turn red.

  10. You say “Why am I spying on Alan?” “It’s none of your business now get back to work!!” Yells your boss “No I'm not going to do anything unless you tell me why I'm spying on Alan.” you say back even louder.

  11. “Ok fine I’ll tell you. Alan was a Neon agent once, he betrayed us when we needed him the most. He has gone to the evil spy association, do you remember the black out that happened on your first day?” You don’t Remember the Black out. You remember the black out.

  12. “Yes why?” You reply. “Alan caused that black out. We have been keeping a very close eye on him just in case he dose something like this again.” Says your boss “But he Lives a normal life just like us.” you said. “No He’s under cover, just like you.” says your boss

  13. “That’s not possible how can he be spying on us?” You reply confused. “Oh No, he’s not Spying on us he’s spying on you.” Right then and there your boss pulls off this mask he was wearing and he’s Alan!

  14. “What are you doing here?! Where's my boss!? Tell me now! Or else.” You say loudly. “Or else I haven’t heard that one before, why can’t you be original for once in your life, any way I'm getting off topic, where were we… oh yes what are you going to do, if I don’t tell you why I'm here, and where's your boss?”

  15. “Just tell me were my boss is, I don’t want to hurt you Alan.” you yell. Fine he is over there under the desk.” Alan reply's. “Ok thank you.” you reply while walking over there. Suddenly you trip over a small mat and a net falls on top of you, you get stuck from trying to get out of it. You finally just give up on every thing and you stop trying.

  16. Alan tells the police and frames every thing on you. The police take you to jail and Alan gets to live free, with no charges. But he will always have gilt.

  17. Back to the beginning to start again

  18. You don’t remember the black out so you're boss tells you about it. “It was in 2003, when parts of the Northeastern, and Midwestern United States, and the Canadian province of Ontario, had a black out. Alan was the cause of the black out, he did the whole thing.”

  19. you just can’t believe what your boss is telling you, Alan was the black out dude! He caused a lot of trouble, not to mention all the people that got hurt, during the black out.

  20. All of a suddenly you here a knocking sound, so you go to the security camera, too see who it is. Its Alan he is trying to break in, because he knows you’ve been spying on him. Go and kick him off the property Go and ask him to stop

  21. You walk to the door and open it up and say “why are you trying to break in to here?” “I know you have been spying on me an just to say I don’t really like it. Why have you been spying on me?” Says Alan.

  22. “oh don’t play innocent with me I know what you have done in your past.” You reply. “Excuse me, what are you talking about the worst thing I have done was quit this job.” “Wait what….? Then who caused the black out?”

  23. Go to the beginning to start again

  24. You walk to the door and open it up, and say, “why are you trying to break in to here?” “I'm here because you’ve been spying on me. I don’t like it. So either you stop. Or, I make you stop your choice……”

  25. Go back to the beginning and start again