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Greetings & Welcome! PowerPoint Presentation
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Greetings & Welcome!

Greetings & Welcome!

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Greetings & Welcome!

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  1. Greetings & Welcome! First – A Little Destiny Housekeeping…

  2. First Date For 2013/14 Summer Reading Circulations: June 2, 2014 Last Date For 2013/14 Regular “Primary” Circulations: June 2, 2014 • Last Date For 2013/14 Summer Reading Circulations: September 2, 2014

  3. First Date For 2013/14 Summer Reading Circulations: June 2, 2014 Last Date For 2013/14 Regular “Intermediate” Circulations: June 2, 2014 • Last Date For 2013/14 Summer Reading Circulations: September 2, 2014

  4. Summer Reading Great For Kids! Great For Big Kids! You Set The Guidelines! Summer Limits – Same As School Year! Place A Box Or Basket In The Office For Summer Returns No “Cherry Picking” The Summer Returns Basket! Way Better Than Leaving The Books On The Library Shelves ALL Summer!

  5. Today, We Will Be Using “Question Cards” Please Hold Your Questions During The Presentation… Instead, Please Write Your Questions On The Cards Provided! As You Discover An Answer, Strike The Question From Your Card. Let’s See What We Still Need To Discover At The End Of This Session. Thank You…!

  6. e-Book Academy2014 A Presentation By: Bill Groth BCPS Destiny Administrator

  7. Destiny & Follett eBooks Have Been In AState of Change For Over Five Years… After Today, Things Should Make Much More Sense!

  8. Today, We Start Fresh

  9. For The BEST Performance With eBooks, Start From Destiny. • Better Yet – Be Sure To Login! • Students Don’t Know Their Logins? …Looks Like Homework Time! • Use BCPS INTERNAL User ID/PW • Quest Or Classic, Just Start In Destiny! It All Starts – Here…

  10. Not new to Destiny, but Quest can now work rather smoothly with eBooks. Quest is still a Visual Catalog that can search all Destiny material types. Several New Names & Players… FollettShelf (or “Shelf”) is an eBook ONLY Catalog, designed to work only with Follett eBook offerings. Enlight Online (or the Enlight K-12 App) is an eBook Reader designed for use with Follett Publisher’s Edition eBook Offerings. An important feature is it’s consistent look and performance on many different platforms! Destiny Library Manager has a couple of new modules that make the eBook experience smoother and easier for all. Here is a quick look at the major players…

  11. Screen Shot Taken In Destiny Quest A Word About Conventions Screen Shot Taken In Follett Shelf Since Keeping Your “Bearings” Is Essential To This Presentation, All Partial Screen Shots Will Contain The Following Icons To Aid With Mental Navigation. Screen Shot Taken In Follett Enlight

  12. So, Let The “Search” Begin… For BEST Results, ALWAYS LOGIN And Start With Destiny Quest or Classic!

  13. Check Your Results…

  14. Pick An eBook, And…

  15. Point and Pause On A Title For Quick Details…

  16. Or, Click On A Title For Title Details…

  17. You Might Choose To Add This Title To A List, Or Open It …

  18. …To Read This eBook! …Online – In Enlight That Is!

  19. Start From Destiny • Be Sure To Login • Quest Search For Something • Choose An eBook • Click The e-Book Cover Art • See Title Details • OPEN The e-Book What’s Important…?

  20. That Was Easy…! So, How About The Details?

  21. The Process Behind This Search… 3 2 1 The eBooks In Your Search Were Handled Invisibly By The FollettShelf Catalog Or - Destiny Classic Shelf Hands Off To Enlight For Reading Online So, What Just Happened…? eCatalog Searched ALL Materials eReader For eBooks ONLY! Your Search - All Happening Smoothly Behind The Scenes

  22. Quest Searches “All Material Types” Including eBooks • Use “Advanced Search” To Narrow Searches To eBooks Only • Use “FollettShelf” To Jump Directly To The Shelf Quest & eBooks…

  23. Narrow Quest To Just eBooks…

  24. Go Directly to “Shelf”…

  25. Welcome To “Shelf”! COVER VIEW

  26. Welcome To “Shelf”! LIST VIEW

  27. Access Shelf Directly From Destiny To See Only eBooks • Change READER Preferences In Shelf • Narrow The Search In Shelf • View By COVER or LIST • “Point & Pause” To View Title Details • Once eTitles Are Identified, “OPEN” To Move On To Enlight For Reading • Add eBooks To A List In Shelf • Check Out eBooks Right From Shelf FollettShelf & eBooks…

  28. Change READER Preferences or LOGOUT of Shelf Drop Down “User Name” To Change Preferences or Logout of SHELF This Is Important – Do Once Per User!

  29. DESKTOP TABLET MOBILE All Three Device Types – Set To: Follett Enlight (Cloud)

  30. Notebook Help Search Field Shelf “HOME” Book Bag Interactive Titles Count Filters “Shelf” Details… COVER VIEW

  31. Search Display Order More One These Coming Up… More “Shelf” Details… Checkout / Reading List Pop-Up COVER VIEW

  32. Single Copy eBook Single Copy eBook OUT Unlimited Copy eBook Interactive eBook (Always Unlimited) About FollettShelfBook Covers…

  33. Drag A Title HERE To Check Out Drag A Title Here To Add To Reading List Favorites Use This Pop-Up To: Make Sure You’re In Cover View!

  34. Narrow - Availability

  35. Narrow – Material Type

  36. Narrow – Extent/Pages

  37. To Access These Icons, Click - Bookbag My Checkouts My Holds Digital Resource Links My Reading List My Reading History FollettShelfBookbag Icons

  38. To Return An Item Early, Click Here FollettShelfBookbagReturn Item…

  39. The Next Message Should Read: “Title Returned” FollettShelf ReturnsGood Results…

  40. If You Encounter This Message During An Early Check In… The Book Was Downloaded For Off-Line Reading On The Enlight K-12 APP. This Title MUST Be Sent Back To FollettShelf, From The Device, BEFORE It Can Be Returned Early! FollettShelf ReturnsOops! – Now What…?

  41. Before We Proceed… We Need A Very Helpful Piece of Information From FollettShelf!

  42. Please Note Your “Shelf” WBB Number • In This Example It Would Be: 15775Your WBB # WILL Be Different! • You WILL Need This Number – Again!

  43. Enlight Is Follett’s Latest eBook Reader. • Available Online or as an APP (iOS/Android). • VERY Similar Interface On All Platforms! Time To Talk – Enlight!

  44. FollettEnlight Online Used On Computers & Devices That Are Primarily Browser-Based.

  45. Follett Enlight - Online Features & Capabilities

  46. Follett Enlight Online (Browser) Requirements

  47. FollettEnlight APP Used On Devices That Support The Apple iOS or Android OS.

  48. Follett Enlight K-12: APP Features & Capabilities

  49. Follett Enlight K-12 (APP) Requirements