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2007 At Home Customer Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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2007 At Home Customer Survey

2007 At Home Customer Survey

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2007 At Home Customer Survey

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  1. 2007 At Home Customer Survey Process / Results / Next Steps

  2. Process • In May 2007, customers of the At Home Service were mailed a 10 question survey. • About 1/3 returned surveys by 2 July. • Print survey results were entered by volunteers into zoomerang tool. • Results in charts / percentages follow, along with selected customer comments, as well as concerns/ideas. • Raw data is available in shared file.

  3. 10. Any suggestions to improve service? Selected customer comments and concerns/ideas follow. Raw data available in shared file

  4. Selected customer comments • It is a wonderful service and it keeps me going like I was able to do before-Thank you so much. • People at the At Home Library are always so helpful and pleasant when I call. They make me feel like I’m their only reader! • One cannot improve perfection. (The) entire staff is so very helpful, patient and courteous, the epitome of customer service. • You are too wonderful to even imagine in a world like today! I simply love you all!!!

  5. Selected customer comments • I find this service to be excellent, helpful, supportive, and so welcoming. I love to read with this service. I have wonderful access to old and new books. Thanks to all who do this providing! You are number 1 in my book! • Couldn't be better-You are all so helpful and wonderful. Thanks so much!

  6. Customer concerns / ideas • More access to DVDs • Cleaner bags • Don’t need yellow slip • Don’t always get items ordered • I'd like to get books sooner, but I suppose newer books are on reserve for other library users first

  7. Customer concerns / ideas • Improved security. Mailed books sometimes don't arrive or returned ones go astray-I am then charged for them. • Information on recent or forthcoming paperback books (easier to hold ) • Mail a reminder about a week before a book is due

  8. Customer concerns / ideas • More info on self help books • More large print books • More religious historical books • Our mail box does not accommodate the pouch for return. We go to the nearest PO (about a mile) so they will be returned in bunches-1 week to 2 week intervals

  9. Customer concerns / ideas • Offer more of a variety of books on tape • Order online • Return messages, sometimes I call and get no response • Very good but watch for repeats as they cost you money

  10. Discussion • Survey confirms our assumed “average” At Home customer is an older disabled female without internet access • Survey documents customers use service on a regular basis • Survey documents importance of At Home Reader, in particular front page, and lists of new fiction / new large print. • Comments document need to better inform customers on using service

  11. Next steps • Distribute results to At Home staff and share info at Outreach Staff meeting on 19 July • Report results in upcoming issues of At Home Reader • Address concerns / ideas at next At Home & Deposit meeting on 8/14 and develop recommendations for improvement • Address concerns and ideas in upcoming issues of At Home Reader • Share information at next P & C division meeting • Repeat survey in 2009.