theological predestination n.
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Theological Predestination PowerPoint Presentation
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Theological Predestination

Theological Predestination

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Theological Predestination

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  1. Theological Predestination • To confirm and cement understanding of the theological determinist debate • To consider Calvin’s argument further through Calvin’s Tulip • To present understanding through a metaphor • Starter - Mini-whiteboards. • For each of the following, write a one liner for what the position or group might say, or an insult one might have for another

  2. One Liners • Calvin vs Jacobus Arminius • Thomas Aquinas • St. Augustine • Martin Luther vs Pope Francis • Antinomians

  3. Calvin Explored • Calvin’s position is further outlined by Calvin’s Tulip

  4. Calvin’s concept of predestination: Total Depravity: This means that sin is in every part of one's being, body, mind, intellect and soul; all is spiritually dead, as such, man cannot save himself. Unconditional Election: God elects (chooses) to soften the hard, sin-enslaved hearts of certain individuals. He changes their hearts despite themselves not by any merit that may make their salvation otherwise conditional on their own actions. Limited Atonement: While Christ's blood) is infinitely intensive in its saving power and therefore unlimited in that sense, it is not infinitely extensive and is only available for the elect, and is thus limited, Irresistible Grace: It is by God’s grace alone (sola gratia) that man is saved, God’s grace is sufficient and man cannot add anything of merit to it (e.g. cooperation). Furthermore, those elected, cannot help but respond positively to God’s salvation. Perseverance of the Saints:God will sustain the faith of the believer, that saving relationship with Christ, causing them, by His grace, to persevere in faith. Those who do not persevere in the faith, were never truly part of the elect in the first place.

  5. Thinking in Metaphors • Work in pairs – try to create a brief metaphor to explain and outline the main positions of theological determinism. Can choose any metaphor or use one of the following:- • A marathon • A car • A garden • The Army

  6. Notes • In notes, create a quick glance reference sheet to help revision on religious determinism eg Sola gratia – by grace alone, Roman Catholicism – humans have free will, Augustine – saved decided by God’s grace (special revelation to act morally shows the chosen)