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Intro to Afra PowerPoint Presentation
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Intro to Afra

Intro to Afra

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Intro to Afra

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  1. Intro to Afra

    Current Best Practices – 1st Quarter 2013
  2. Basic steps to access AFRA Click on website address and enter your login information Type PO# in PO column and hit enter Click the ID link to view the PO
  3. Freight @ Invoice example
  4. Entering @ Invoice Freight Choose add invoice option Use product invoice number and date Ship date is usually invoice date/can also be located on BOL or PO Enter check number if product invoice was paid by check. Enter EFT if product invoice is an EFT invoice. If payment has not yet been made, leave blank and return later to finish.
  5. Entering @ Invoice Freight “Freight Company” is the Supplier name @ invoice. Example: Yuengling@invoice Enter number of cases, found on keyinven sheet, should match Line items tab total Invoice amount isONLY the freight line item cost, not total invoice amount. Origin is where the product shipped from, can be found on BOL, PO, and sometimes Invoice
  6. Entering @ Invoice Freight Only click “Shared load” if this load also contains PO’s shipped to other cities, this is not common on @invoice loads Date paid is check date or EFT date. If it has not been paid, leave blank and return to this later. Hit save (disk icon)
  7. Change status to closed if payment info was available, pending (I will explain why this is important) if no check number/date are entered at this time Entering @ Invoice Freight
  8. Entering Freight Company Invoices Freight invoices can vary greatly by shipping company, origin of product, shared loads, etc. The following pages and examples are intended to cover the most commonly encountered issues.
  9. Basic freight invoice example
  10. BASIC FREIGHT INVOICE This Spot Freight invoice example has only one PO# and no misc charges such as stop charges, consolidation, etc. Begin by locating and opening the po# listed on the invoice. It is helpful when possible to compare the BOL to the Line items in Afra to make sure youhave the correct po.
  11. Click the add freight icon Type the freight invoice #, date the invoice was printed, ship date should be listed on freight invoice or attached BOL, number of cases, origin and freight company. Check number and date will be left blank until you pay the invoice. Afra should pull this info from VIP, you will check it and close the PO later. Hit the disk icon to save when done, move status to pending. BASIC FREIGHT INVOICE
  13. DI freight invoice example
  14. International Freight invoices This example is a typical freight bill for imported goods Enter the basic info in to the PO as you would any other freight invoice and save Begin by determining what charges were accessed and how they apply to the product. The first charges on this invoice: arranging customs entry, FDA prior notice filing, and importersecurity filing fee are all misc customs charges.
  15. Click the green add button beside misc charge entry Choose misc customs charges on the drop down menu and add all 3 charges The next two chargesare ocean and inland freight. Add misc charges for these twoitems and choose ocean freight and inland freight to notatewhat the charge is for International Freight invoices
  16. Duty Charges Duty is the more complicated part of any imported freight bill. Duty is calculated based on the percentage of alcohol, under 14%, over 14% or sparkling. To determined how much to charge to each category you will need to look at your Entry Summary that should accompany your DI freight invoice. Which looks like this….
  17. Entry Summary example
  18. Entry Summary example Cont’d
  19. Duty Charges The majority of the duty will usually fall on the under 14% category. Because of this, it is often easier to separate out the sparkling and the over 14% and determine how much of the duty belongs to those, then apply the rest to under 14%. Create misc charge entries for these categories with the specific amount of the duty. Your page will now look like this……
  20. Duty Charges
  21. Multiple PO invoice example
  22. Multiple PO Freight Invoices Begin with one of the PO’s listed on the freight invoice and open it in AFRA Click the add freight invoice icon and put in the basic information, invoice number, invoice date, freight company, origin, and number of cases If the PO’s listed are from more than one house check the shared load button, otherwise, leave it unchecked
  23. Misc charges Determine from the list of charges on the invoice which PO they apply to If a stop charge applies to more than one PO, determine how much of the charge belongs to each PO by dividing it by the number of cases total, then take the number of cases on the current PO times the per case amount of the stop charge Determine which consolidation charges apply to each PO Multiple PO Freight Invoices
  24. Misc charges cont’d Once you have all the charges divided and ready to apply, decide which ones go with the PO you started with Click misc charge entry and add stop charges on as misc charges Click misc charges and add the consolidation fees to the PO If consolidation fees apply, click the consolidated load button at top of screen Multiple PO Freight Invoices
  25. Linking to the other PO’s Once you are done with the first PO, go back to Full PO View Type in the next PO listedon the Invoice and click on the ID link Instead of adding another freight invoice, click the link to existing freight invoice Type in the invoice number in search box and click Link to PO Multiple PO Freight Invoices
  26. Linking continued This will auto add all the invoice information to this PO as well Click to add misc charges and, as before, add consolidation fees and/or stop charges that apply to this PO only Repeat process until all PO’s are linked to the bill Your screen will now look like this…. Multiple PO Freight Invoices
  27. Multiple City Freight Invoice example
  28. BOL reference
  29. Linking to other cities PO’s Linking to other cities is similar to linking multiple PO’s within your own Open your PO and enter the invoice information and be sure to save Go back out to full PO view and in the upper right hand corner choose the city the next PO belongs to under “Current Dateset”
  30. Once you are in the other cities PO view, type in the PO number, search and click the ID to enter it Click “link to existing freight invoice, enter your freight invoice number and select it from the list The system will auto fill your invoice information to the PO
  31. QuickFreight Open the Quick-Freight program and type your Freight Invoice # then click “Find PO’s” Select the PO you want to run the report for, or in most cases, click “Select All” and then click “Show me!” QuickFreight report will look similar to this…..
  32. Billbacks Use the QuickFreight report Run the Heidelberg Freight Billback to the city the PO belongs to using the amount listed on the report Reference the Invoice and PO numbers on the Freight Billback invoice Attach back up: Copy of original invoice, BOL if you have it and QuickFreight breakdown, this must accompany EVERY Heidelberg freight billback invoice
  33. Misc informationMay vary by house When you receive a Heidelberg freight billback invoice, check it. Make sure you were billed for the correct PO and the correct amount Do NOT enter your Heidelberg Freight billback information in to AFRA… One, if you save it over the existing linked information it saves your freight billback amount and thus reduces the actual freight amount and throws off freight calculations Two, if you add an additional invoice, it calculates that in to your freight cost and will double the cost of freight on those items
  34. Misc information Cont’d Daniel will be adding a new area for entering in the Heidelberg Freight Billback information that will not effect the freight calculations Eventually when AFRA pulls the check information from VIP it will auto close the PO. Until then, you will need to go back after the check is cut and close the PO
  35. Misc information Cont’d Recent CHR invoices are using invoice numbers that are too long for VIP, because of this, the invoice numbers do not match and thus it is not pulled in to AFRA, when you close these you will need to put in the check information Housekeeping on AFRA should be done from time to time. Watch for PO’s that you know are PREPAID freight and close them prepaid. Alert buyers they need to be marking these prepaid in PO build
  36. Misc information Cont’d Also watch for open PO’s that are getting older, pending PO’s you may have forgotten to go back and close, etc The Comments box in my city is used to note the Receiver #, the system we track all of our shipments with At OV the invoice gets marked twice for now, once near the total with an A with a circle around it showing it has been put in to AFRA Then again with the AFRA stamp once it is closed/complete. Once we move to Auto Close, it will just get stamped