it s about me and by the way i can be a better leader n.
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It’s about ME! And, by the Way, I can Be a Better Leader! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s about ME! And, by the Way, I can Be a Better Leader!

It’s about ME! And, by the Way, I can Be a Better Leader!

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It’s about ME! And, by the Way, I can Be a Better Leader!

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  1. It’s about ME! And, by the Way, I can Be a Better Leader!

  2. Intro Good morning, afternoon, and evening Leaders! I am grateful that you are here today and focusing on Leadership with me. We can have a very productive hour together. Here’s what I hope to do – Paint a picture of a good leader, ask you to view your own leadership skills in relation to this picture, teach you a leadership skill, and perk your curiosity to learn more about leadership. What do you say? If we meet these goals this hour, will I have served you well? Text me. Ok are we fired up to learn about Leadership? Let’s go.

  3. Here is how the technology works. You can text me. You can give me signals. We will open up the phone lines for a demonstration and Q & A 10 minutes before the end of the session.

  4. I’ve Been in your Shoes • Worked very hard at management • Excelled at process • Forged relationships • Wrestled with conflict • Struggled with decisions • Endured disappointments

  5. I thought, “If only, I could…..” • Get that person to perform • Get estimating and construction to cooperate • Coordinate sales and operations better • Get my team to all pull together in the same boat and toward the same destination. • Get that owner to see it my way • You fill in the your own “If only,

  6. Since then, I have learned it’s Not about • That Person • My Team • The Architect or Engineer • The Owner • My Family • The Weather or my Dog

  7. It is really about me and my leadership skills.

  8. Question • What is the burning issue in your mind right now? • Write it down. • What can you do as a leader to move the issue forward?

  9. Question What are the key skills a leader needs to practice?

  10. Leaders answered this question What are the key skills a leader needs to practice?

  11. Tom Bjorkman, government and security expert said: • Understanding the customer and establishing customer focus in the group • Setting a direction for the group • Inviting and hearing good ideas and other input from employees • Praising good work • Helping employees to grow and develop • Making the workplace fun

  12. Tom Bjorkman con’t • Being an advocate for employees • Being highly organized and able to organize effort • Think before acting • Risk-taking • Networking • Passion • Integrity

  13. Mani Subramanian, Vanir CM Director of Project Ops said: • Setting an example. • Defining & communicating long term goals

  14. Bruce D’Agostino, CMAA President said: • A well-integrated and balanced lifestyle • An emotionally stimulating personality • Clear personal and professional direction and goals • An ability to provide positive, specific performance feedback • An ability to elicit employee commitment • Effective communication skills • Clear support for staff growth and development • Self-confidence

  15. Bruce D’Agostino con’t • Ability to create and maintain a team and a sense of group • A vision for the organization and a sense of mission for its operation • An ability to foster a caring environment • An ability to see difficulties and obstacles as challenges and opportunities • A market and customer orientation • A willingness to share responsibility and authority

  16. Bruce D’Agostino con’t • An ability to acquire and integrate new information and skills • A business ownership perspective • Competence at management tasks and executive activities • A partnership relationship with coworkers

  17. Bruce D’Agostino con’t • A willingness to reward exceptional performance • Support for my team members • Enthusiasm • A positive attitude toward change • Willingness to take control of a situation and be accountable • High personal and professional integrity • A desire to be more than a manager - to be a leader

  18. Tom Bishop, CMAA Chairman said “There are a wide range of skills an leader must practice, not the least of which are effective communication, and evaluating and coaching subordinates.”

  19. Tom Bishop also said “Far and away, the most effective learning tool, throughout my career, has been to critically analyze my superiors - how they lead (or don't), how they inspire and motivate (or don't), how they deal with challenges (or don't). Replicating their positive behaviors and avoiding the negative ones has caused me to work on my own strengths and shortcoming . It also reminds me that whether one likes it or not, one's leadership effectiveness is always being evaluated by someone.”

  20. Peter Drucker said, “Leadership is not magnetic personality – that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not ‘making friends and influencing people’ – that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

  21. Maureen Moriarty, Workplace Coach, wrote in a recent Seattle Post-Intelligencer article “What can we learn about leadership from Barack Obama? While there are many lessons, here are a few that I suggest business leaders take note of:”

  22. Maureen Moriarty con’t • Don’t underestimate the power of motivated people • Inspire vision • Surround yourself with talent, including those with diverse viewpoints • Set clear expectations • Listen well before deciding • Stay connected and be authentic • Foster collaboration • Be calm in the storm • Model what you want

  23. Your Skills? • Observe • Seek feedback • Learn • Practice • Lead • Do it again

  24. Guess What? • You can learn to be a Better Leader • You probably didn’t learn about Leadership in Engineering or Construction Management School • You can learn leadership skills • You can show up in a way to enhance your leadership ability • You can create a self-improving sustainable culture on your project, in your department, or throughout your company

  25. Interested? I hope so, and I hope today’s session and the next 6 will perk your curiosity and start you on your path to becoming a better leader. These are attributes you can develop and enhance. These are skills you can learn. Let’s learn one.

  26. What is the burning issue in your mind you wrote down at the beginning of our session?

  27. Do you want to move the issue forward?

  28. Here’s how Communications Wheel • Explore the Issue • Identify Possibilities • Commit to Action • Observe Result

  29. I will Demonstrate • George has volunteered to work with me • Please honor George with your attention and pledge of confidentiality re what she and I converse about today • George - What is the issue you wish to move forward today?

  30. Communications Wheel • Define the issue - data mining • Who else is involved • What do you want • What are you willing to do • What do you commit to do

  31. Here’s how you can use the Communications Wheel • Go back to your desk and ask your self these questions about the burning issue you wrote down. What is the issue Who else is involved What do I want What am I willing to do What do I commit to do • Do the action you committed to today

  32. Will you all commit to this action and practice using the Communications Wheel? • Check-in with me - Let me know • Practice using the Communications Wheel with yourself and your colleagues

  33. This Series Will Teach you howto be a Better Leader • Moving Issues Forward • Language - Effective Communications • Teams - Maximize the Talents of Your People • Presentations - It's About Presence • Personal Sustainability - Taking Care of Body, Mind, and Spirit • CMAA Construction Manager Assessment Program • Establishing a Coaching Culture

  34. We all have the opportunity to step upand Be a Better Leader

  35. Will You?

  36. Challenge In the economy, environment, government, and world affairs massive change is taking place. Are you ready to meet the new day with a new way of leading? Will you commit to being a better leader in this new world? There will be new markets opened, new players, new skills needed, and sustainable energy required. The construction industry is slated to receive billions of dollars in economic stimulus funding.

  37. Are you ready to lead to in a way to maximize the talents of your team, create a sustainable business environment, make money, and do your part to lead our country to success?

  38. Questions?

  39. Curious? • Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time, Susan Scott • Language and the Pursuit of Happiness, Chalmers Brothers • Coaching, Evoking Excellence in Others, James Flaherty • Holding the Center: Sanctuary in a Time of Confusion, Richard Strozzi Heckler

  40. Additional Resources • On Becoming a Leadership Coach- A Holistic Approach to Coaching Excellence, Christine Wahl, Clarice Scriber, Beth Bloomfield • Co-Active Coaching, Whitworth,Kimsey-House,Sandahl • International Coach Federation - • Local library and book store

  41. More Resources • Contact me - 510-926-0286 • Attend the CMAA Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona May 17 - 19

  42. Next Session • Language - Effective Communications • In this session, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your team and enable them to effectively communicate with you. You will learn the importance of listening and how to improve this skill. You will learn about declarations, offers, and requests. • Neil Stroul • Thursday, February 5, 12 noon EST

  43. Thank you and See you next week