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By: Leah Lunstrum

Photographer. By: Leah Lunstrum. What is a Photographer?.

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By: Leah Lunstrum

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  1. Photographer By: Leah Lunstrum

  2. What is a Photographer? Photographers use their great talent and present it to the world—whether they're taking portraits of people, documenting a special event, or taking photographs of details that no one would ever notice. There are also wide ranges of photographers. Some photographers just run and do what they want on their own time, others have their own studio or company. Photographers can also be in a special kind of photography, from wedding photography to commercial photography to photojournalism, the possibilities are almost endless.

  3. Training and Schooling There are no specific educational requirements for freelance or portrait photographers. However, you are unlikely to get much work without at least some training in the photographic arts, whether it’s acquired through a degree program, vocational training, or extensive work experience. Many photographers do better and know more if they are trained in some way. Photographers who want to find work as photojournalists, or in industrial or scientific photography, are usually expected to have a college degree in an area such as journalism or photography. A degree in visual arts or anything related to that may also be acceptable when combined with an ability to use a camera very well.

  4. Where toget Training Where you can get training is collage. You can’t really get good training anywhere else. Although, you can look at training online, but it might be more difficult and you probably won’t be as good as you would be if you had a professional helping you. It might be a little bit harder online though. There aren’t as many choices for collages as other professions, but the ones that are available are very good. If you aren’t going to collage, you can go on online course, as said before, or you can send in pictures to certain places so professionals can see them and you can get feedback on how you are doing and they will give you tips on how to become better.

  5. Salary Most photographers earn somewhere between $17,000 and $62,000 a year. The median annual earnings of photographers that get a salary are about $30,000. Full-time photographers with a lot of experience and good reputations can make over $100,000 a year.

  6. Outlook

  7. Duties and Responsibilities When it comes to duties and responsibilities for a photographer, there are a lot of them, but just some of them are: • Keeping track of the photos • Making sure the customer is satisfied • Making sure all the equipment is working • Keeping track of all the equipment • Makings sure you can pay for all the equipment • Being able to know how everything works As you can tell the equipment is the most important part of photography of course. If you don’t take care of your equipment, then you won’t make it very far as a photographer. You also need to know how to move each picture to each spot, how to edit them, and how to make them into actual pictures.

  8. Work Conditions Photographers can be full-time employees of newspapers, magazines, photographic studios, advertising agencies, or a wide variety of other companies. However, many photographers work part-time, or as freelancers, working for several clients rather than being set on one organization. Photographers work in many settings, it depend where they are photographing They might work outside, taking photographs of landscapes, wildlife, or weddings, or they may do most of their work in a studio for a model or other product. Most photographers have to do some traveling, whether it’s to a local school or church, a private home, or a foreign country. Sometimes, photographers have to be physical. For instance, photographers sometimes need to be in unusual positions in order to get the perfect shot. They may also need to carry equipment from place to place, including cameras, tripods, and laptops. 

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