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ESP Awards

ESP Awards. ESP Awards - C. Matthew Dennis. J. B. Robinson Jewelers # 2125 Shoppingtown Mall , NY. ESP Awards - B. Terri Bucolo. Kay Jewelers # 1239 Lockport Mall , NY. ESP Awards - A. David Coolidge. Kay Jewelers #755 Lancaster Mall , OR. ESP Awards - AA. Marianne Englund.

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ESP Awards

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Presentation Transcript

  1. ESP Awards

  2. ESP Awards - C MatthewDennis J. B. Robinson Jewelers #2125Shoppingtown Mall, NY

  3. ESP Awards - B TerriBucolo Kay Jewelers #1239 Lockport Mall, NY

  4. ESP Awards - A DavidCoolidge Kay Jewelers #755Lancaster Mall, OR

  5. ESP Awards - AA MarianneEnglund Kay Jewelers #746Bend River Mall, OR

  6. ESP Awards - AAA JeffreyHawkins Kay Jewelers #635Colonial Mall - Bel Air, AL

  7. ESP Awards - Jared FernandoFerrer Jared The Galleria of Jewelry #2415 Plantation, FL

  8. ESP Awards District Manager

  9. ESP Awards - Mall District Manager DianaHayes

  10. ESP Awards - Jared District Manager MichaelMolanare

  11. Ultimate Watch ProgramUWP

  12. Ultimate Watch Program - C MichaelAddonizio Kay Jewelers #578 Edgewater Mall, MS

  13. Ultimate Watch Program - B LarryGoldschmidt Kay Jewelers #1034 South Shore, NY

  14. Ultimate Watch Program - A Julia Brashear Kay Jewelers #562 Bayshore Mall, CA

  15. Ultimate Watch Program - AA Paula Nieto Kay Jewelers #1861 Westland Mall, FL

  16. Ultimate Watch Program - AAA Jeffrey Hawkins Kay Jewelers #635 Colonial Mall – Bel Air, AL

  17. Ultimate Watch Program - Jared FernandoFerrer Jared The Galleria of Jewelry #2415 Plantation, FL

  18. Ultimate Watch Program District Manager

  19. Ultimate Watch Program Mall - District Manager Diana Hayes

  20. Ultimate Watch Program Jared - District Manager MichaelMolanare

  21. Credit Excellence Performance

  22. Credit Excellence Performance – C AngelaO’Quinn Rogers Jewelers #301Tower City Center, OH

  23. Credit Excellence Performance – B LeticiaMelendez Kay Jewelers #2213 Hanford Mall, CA

  24. Credit Excellence Performance – A MitchellSmith Kay Jewelers #634Madison Square, AL

  25. Credit Excellence Performance – AA KimberlyTepper Kay Jewelers #45Oakland Mall, MI

  26. Credit Excellence Performance – AAA Reed Wilson Kay Jewelers #1158Lynnhaven Mall, VA

  27. Credit Excellence Performance – Jared JanetMorales Jared The Galleria of Jewelry #431 Kendall Village Center, FL

  28. Special Events Performance

  29. Special Events Performance - C MichaelAddonizio Kay Jewelers #578 Edgewater Mall, MS

  30. Special Events Performance - B MirekCelitan Kay Jewelers #1308 Sunrise Mall, NY

  31. Special Events Performance - A RobertHieser Osterman Jewelers #172 Castleton Square, IN

  32. Special Events Performance - AA FionaLee Kay Jewelers #1469 West Oaks Mall, FL

  33. Special Events Performance - AAA Jessica Perez Kay Jewelers #1217 Holyoke Mall at Ingleside, MA

  34. Special Events Performance - Jared Lori Pearson Jared The Galleria of Jewelry #2413 SEC Oracle & Wetmore, AZ

  35. Special Events Performance District Manager

  36. Special Events Performance – Mall District Manager Jeff Yoder

  37. Special Events Performance – Jared District Manager Dana Frazier

  38. Consistent Sales Performer

  39. Consistent Sales Performer Angela Whitt accepting for Kay Jewelers #124 Jamestown Mall, MO

  40. Consistent Sales Performer Robert Hieser Osterman Jewelers #172 Castleton Square, IN

  41. Consistent Sales Performer BobbieCoursey Kay Jewelers #632 Colonial Mall - Gadsden, AL

  42. Consistent Sales Performer RobertCarroll Kay Jewelers #683 Northpark Mall, MS

  43. Consistent Sales Performer Joy Key accepting for Kay Jewelers #685 Randolph Mall, NC

  44. Consistent Sales Performer Connie Reynolds Kay Jewelers #782 Old Hickory Mall, TN

  45. Consistent Sales Performer Lana Dworsak Kay Jewelers #1112 Lycoming Mall, PA

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