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Marcus Gavius Apicius PowerPoint Presentation
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Marcus Gavius Apicius

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Marcus Gavius Apicius
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Marcus Gavius Apicius

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  1. Marcus GaviusApicius A Culinary Adventure

  2. Probably not Marcus GaviusApicius it’s the first century AD You are Marcus GaviusApicius. We don’t know much about your early life, so we are going to make it up.

  3. Insulae you live here, in an insulae. it’s pretty miserable could be worse. could be Detroit

  4. Popina Since your insula is likely to catch fire, you eat here for most of your meals. Popina...where everyone knows your name

  5. Daily Meals Ientaculum Bread Olive oil, honey, or wine (for dipping) cheese Cena Puls(porridge) Vegetables, onions, garlic Cheese fruit bread Prandium bread fruit olives Cold meat (if lucky) wine You’re not dirt poor, so you eat 3 meals what are the daily meals? what do you eat at each meal?

  6. Pane, -is n. this is what you eat most of the time its not made from wheat “How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?“- Julia Child

  7. Coquus you love food. all you know is fine dining and breathing

  8. Mensa it’s your first dinner party while preparing food, a rouge saxumdelicium hits you you forget all the words about fine dining

  9. Dinner Menu Mensa Secunda fruit sweets made with honey wine more wine Gustum hors d’oeurves eggs vegetables shellfish salt fish dormice mulsum Mensa roast or boiled meat or poultry wine mixed with water What are the names of the courses at a banquet? What dishes are served during each?

  10. Fancy Foods After some time, you become involved in an international luxury food trafficking scheme

  11. Iron Bronze Chef your dishes make you a culinary star reveling in your success, you write a cookbook In convenient 10 scroll format

  12. Apicius, the most gluttonous gorger of all spendthrifts, established the view that the flamingo's tongue has a specially fine flavor- Pliny the Elder, Natural History De Re Coquinaria the world’s first cookbook is an instant hit your recipes endure for the ages Having heard of the boasted size and sweetness of the shrimps taken near the Libyan coast, Apicius commandeered a boat and crew, but when he arrived, disappointed by the shrimps he was offered by the local fishermen who came alongside in their boats, he turned round and returned to Minturnae "without going ashore": Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae

  13. Garum over 400 of your recipies call for garum, a paste made from fermented fish innards the blood and innards of the tunny make the best

  14. You took an arrow to the knee... spend 100 million sestertii on kitchen, spent all the gifts he had received from the Imperial court found that he had only 10 million sestertiileft Afraid of dying in relative poverty not your kitchen