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Marcus Garvey

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Marcus Garvey
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Marcus Garvey

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  1. Marcus Garvey By: Tyler Kehoe, Sam Nicholson, Hailey Dicks, Stacey Macintyre

  2. Marcus Garvey and his goals Marcus Garvey was a man of many goals just some of them were like. Black nationalism, and pan africanism, he founded the universal negro improvement association, the goal of uniting all of African Diaspora to establish a country and a government of their own, he launched a black star company for shipping to promote trade in the black communities around the world.

  3. Speeches by Marcus Garvey Marcus Garvey did many speeches when he was alive, currently there are 116 speeches he wrote. He visited Cape Breton Island twice. Marcus Garvey was asked to speak in Sydney by the Cape Breton UNIA, which had there own musical band, community hall, and were share loaders in the Black Star shipping line. One of the speeches Garvey gave in Nova Scotia in included the words “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” which are also lyrics in Bob Marley's song Redemption song.

  4. Impact of Marcus Garvey Marcus Garvey created the universal negro improvement association (UNIA) which was the largest global black movement in history. He started the first UNIA in Kingston, Jamaica in 1914. The UNIA promoted black pride and called upon blacks around the world to return to Africa and reclaim their home land.

  5. Legacy of Marcus Garvey Garvey died in London in 1940 after several strokes to travel restrictions during World War II, his body was buried in London. In 1964 his remains where dug up and taken to Jamaica where the government proclaimed him Jamaica’s first national hero. The country of Ghana has named its shipping line the black star line and its national soccer team the black stars, in honor of Marcus Garvey.

  6. What can we learn We can learn ANYTHING is POSSIBLE