club visioning a club and membership development tool n.
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Club Visioning A Club and Membership Development Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Club Visioning A Club and Membership Development Tool

Club Visioning A Club and Membership Development Tool

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Club Visioning A Club and Membership Development Tool

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  1. Club VisioningA Club and Membership Development Tool

  2. Discuss Today • Visioning • How Will The Club Benefit? • Questions…

  3. Purpose To strengthen Rotary at the club level by providing the administrative framework of an effective club.

  4. Long Range Goals Set Annual Goals Club Assemblies Clear Communication Continuity in Leadership Amend Club By-laws Increase Fellowship Every Member Active Comprehensive Training Plan 9 Steps For Implementing The Club Leadership Plan

  5. Visioning Purpose Reinforce the Planning Principles Promoted in the Club Leadership Plan Develop Long-Range Goals that Address the Elements of an Effective Club Help members develop consensus on the Vision and Direction for their club

  6. “If you don’t know where you are going, chances are you will end up someplace else.” (Yogi Berra)

  7. The Club Visioning Process • Define where you want the club to be in 5 years • Develop consensus on those goals through voting • Identify key club members who will help you get there

  8. Club Visioning Topics • What do we stand for in the community • Club size and attributes • Four Avenues of Service • Foundation success • Public image

  9. What Is A Club Vision? It is a living management tool that: • Defines a shared commitment • Provides long-term direction • Creates a framework to establish goals and objectives • Optimizes use of resources

  10. Why Is A Plan Needed? • Tradition of annual cycles has not been effective • Establishes a multi-year coordinated plan • Need for greater Continuity, Consistency, and Consensus

  11. Planning Steps… Actions & Programs Vision Long Range Plan

  12. Pulling in the same direction with a common destination in mind…

  13. How Will Clubs Benefit From Club Visioning? Goal setting-Long range (strategic) and annual (actions and plans) Continuity in projects/decision making Consensus for decision making

  14. How Will Membership Benefit From Club Visioning? Larger/stronger field of club leaders Succession planning for club leadership Involve all members in club activities Fellowship Membership Development Vision is what we recruit and retain to

  15. Effective clubs are able to… Sustain and Increase Membership Implement Successful Service Projects Support The Rotary Foundation Develop Leaders Beyond the Club Level

  16. Think about it “There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” John F. Kennedy

  17. “Rotary is not an organization for retrospection. It is rather one whose worth and purpose lie in future activity rather than past performance.” Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary International

  18. Questions?