evil in medieval times n.
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Evil In Medieval Times PowerPoint Presentation
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Evil In Medieval Times

Evil In Medieval Times

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Evil In Medieval Times

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  1. Evil In Medieval Times

  2. Evil In the Government/Castle • The Reeve • The Manciple

  3. The Reeve Physical Description • “The Reeve was old and choleric and thin” • “His beard was shaven closely to his skin” • “His shorn hair came abruptly to a stop above his ears, docked on top just like a priest in front” • “His legs were lean, like sticks they were. There was no calf to be seen” • “He kept his bins and garners very trim; no auditor could gain a point on him”

  4. The Reeve • “He was a carpenter of first rate skill” • “His master’s sheep, his animals and hens, pigs, horses, dairies, stores, and cattle-pens were wholly trusted to his government “ • “He had been under contract to present the accounts, right from his master’s earliest years.” • “No bailiff, serf, or herdsman dared to kick, he knew their dodges, knew their every trick” • “Feared like the plague he was, by those beneath”

  5. The Manciple Description • “Came from the inner Temple, all caters might follow his example” What he does • “In buying victuals; he was never rash whether he bought on credit or paid cash” • “He used to watch the market most precisely And got in first, and so he did quite nicely” • “All versed in the abstrusest legal knowledge, could have produced a dozen from their college”

  6. The Most Evil of Society The Clerk The Merchant

  7. The Clerk

  8. The Clerk • “A Clerk there was of Oxford” • “As lean was his horse as is a rake,And he was not right fat” • “Whatever money from his friends he took, He spent on learning or another book, And prayed for them most earnestly, returning Thanks to them thus for paying for his learning.”

  9. The Clerk • They were professional students • They would learn and teach what he learned to people of the town • They would keep a vast collection of books

  10. The Merchant

  11. The Merchant • “There was a Merchant with a forking beard and motley dress; high on his horse he sat” • “He harped on his increase of capital” • “None knew he was in debt,”

  12. The Merchant • They would sell goods at market • They were good at the art of the deal • They were good negotiators • They would dress very well

  13. The Church • Corruption • Characters • Monk • Prioress • Friar

  14. The Monk “Who rode the country; hunting was his sport. A manly man, to be an Abbot able;” “Aye’ and as loud as does the church bell Where my Lord Monk was Prior of the cell. As old and strict he tended to ignore; He let go by the things of yesterday.” “His head was bald and shone like looking glass; So did his face as if it had been greased. He was a fat and personable priest; His prominent eyeballs never seemed to settle”

  15. The Friar “A very festive fellow.” “He was the finest beggar of his batch” “He kept his tippet stuffed with pins for curls, And pocket knives , to give to pretty girls. And certainly his voice was gay and sturdy.”

  16. The Prioress(The Nun) “Her way of smiling was simple and coy.” “Well she sang a service, with a fine intoning through her nose, as most seemly.” “At meat her manners were well taught withal; No morsel from her lips did she let fall, Nor dipped her fingers in the sauce too deep.”

  17. The Pardoner • Physical Descriptions • “Hair yellow as Wax, hanging down smoothly like a hank of flax.” • “Driblets fell his Locks behind his head” • “ He Had bulging eye-balls” • “He’d sewed a holy relic on his cap; His wallet lay before him on his lap” • “He had the small same voice a goat has got” • “His chin no Beard had harbored nor would harbor”

  18. The Pardoner • Evil Acts • “As to his Trade, from Berwick to Ware.” • “There was no Pardoner of equal grace, For in his trunk he had a pillow-case which he asserted was Our Lady’s Veil” • “He had a cross of metal set with stones And, in a glass, a rubble of pigs bones”

  19. The Pardoner • Evil Acts • “And with these relics, any time he found some poor up-country parson to astound.” • “In one short day, in money down, he drew more than one parson in a month or two.” • “And by his flatteries and prevarication made monkeys of the priest and congregation.”

  20. The Pardoner • Evil Acts • “ But still to do him Justice first and Last in church he was a noble ecclesiast.” • “But best of all he sang Offertory, For well he knew that song was sung He’d have to preach and tune his honey-tongue And(well he could) win silver from the crowd.”

  21. Evil in Medieval Times • Chaucer prologue shows that evil people in society shapes the society as a whole • Things may not always be as they appear; such as the church • He used satire to portray characters in different ways to allow us to visualize who they really are

  22. Nate Klepser George Griffin Kevin Kinkade Nick Homyn