chinese art and culture n.
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Chinese Art and Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Art and Culture

Chinese Art and Culture

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Chinese Art and Culture

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  1. Chinese Art and Culture

  2. China is the world’s oldest continuing civilization • The Chinese culture has a deep respect for nature • They believe that nature has spirits • Writing is considered a form of art • Chinese people created the art of calligraphy • Calligraphy- the art of beautiful writing or printing

  3. Paintings of more subtle expression of landscapes appeared, with blurred outlines and mountain contours which conveyed distance through an impressionistic treatment of natural phenomena. It was during this period that in painting, emphasis was placed on spiritual rather than emotional elements, as in the previous period.

  4. Atmospheric Perspective • is the effect on the appearance of an object by the atmosphere between it and a viewer (or the technique of depicting this effect in a work of art, such as a landscape painting). As the distance between an object and a viewer increases, the contrast between the object and its background decreases. The contrast of any markings or details on the object also decreases. The colors of the object also become less saturated and shift towards blue.

  5. Chinese China • In early imperial China, porcelain was introduced and was refined to the point that in English the word china has become synonymous with high-quality porcelain. • China is usually once fired instead of fired twice (like we did) • The Ming Dynasty was from 1368- 1644 • Blue and white ware was produces in abundance during this period to be sold locally as well as overseas

  6. White pieces were painted with colorful enamels • Enamel- Powdered colored glass that is fused by heating to a ceramic base