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Christ-Maths Presents PowerPoint Presentation
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Christ-Maths Presents

Christ-Maths Presents

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Christ-Maths Presents

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  1. Christ-Maths Presents

  2. What maths do you use doing your Christmas Shopping?

  3. What else do you have to consider?

  4. What shall I buy? How Much have I got left? Where should I go first? How Much wrapping? Your task this Christmas is to help Jack choose, wrap and deliver 6 presents to his friends and family. There are three tasks.

  5. Task 1 He has decided that each person has to have one of two presents that they will LOVE to open on Christmas Day. You must decide which of the two presents to buy for each person, but you have a budget of only £140 to use in total.

  6. You can choose either of the two presents. Be careful! Jack has only £140 in his piggy bank to spend, which includes wrapping paper!

  7. Task 2 The presents need to be wrapped up! You need to calculate the number of rolls of wrapping paper that will be needed. There is a choice of paper, each roll has a different price. You do NOT have to use the same paper for each present.

  8. The six presents all need wrapping paper! There are 4 designs to choose from, and each costs a little bit more or less. Remember you have a total of £140 for presents and paper, so choose the paper wisely!

  9. Width 15 cm Height 12 cm Height 12 cm (twice) Depth 2 cm (twice) Folds 5 cm (for joins) 38 cm of paper Depth 2 cm Harry is getting a PS2 game (His mum couldn’t find a PS3) The box needs unfolding along its two shorter lengths to make the most efficient wrapping. All presents need 5 cm for joins! You cannot wrap one present with two different types of paper.

  10. Task 3 On the evening of delivering the presents it is cold and snowing! Jack’s Mum has told him that he must be back in as short a time as possible. You need to plan the most efficient route for the delivery of presents.

  11. Your journey starts and ends at home (Jack’s house) And must pass each of the places to deliver the presents. Use the scale to find out exactly how many metres Jack will need to travel.

  12. As usual, you will need to set out YOUR solution by way of a poster on A3 paper.

  13. As Santa said to Mary (his wife) Time to get the presents sorted!