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2.1 Practical Investigation PowerPoint Presentation
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2.1 Practical Investigation

2.1 Practical Investigation

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2.1 Practical Investigation

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  1. 2.1 Practical Investigation

  2. Practical Investigation Ideas Micro-organisms • Do different types of bacteria grow on different foods? • What is the effect of temperature on the growth rate of bacteria? • What factors affect the effectiveness of preservatives on the growth of bacterial colonies? • Do bread yeast and wine yeast respond in the same way to ethanol? • What is the effect on the density of soil bacteria of incorporating different types of organic matter into soil? • Investigate succession on a piece of bread

  3. Practical Investigation Ideas Plants • What factors affect the germination of sunflower seeds? • What is the effect of wavelength of light on plant growth? • What is the effect of wavelength of light on the rate of photosynthesis? • What is the effect of light colour on the growth of seedlings? • What is the effect of different mineral nutrients on seedling growth? • What is the effect of different brands and types of fertilisers on seedling growth? • What is the effect of salt tolerance on seed germination? • What is the effect of wind (none, intermittent, constant) on plant growth?

  4. Practical Investigation Ideas • Does the effectiveness of different brands of weed killer vary? • Is weed control dependent on the concentration of the weedicide? • Does planting depth affect the rate of germination in clover and pea seeds? • Does soil type affect the germination of clover and pea seeds ? • Does soil type affect the formation of roots on geranium cuttings? • Is hormone rooting powder effective in promoting the rooting of cuttings? • Does temperature affect germination of clover seeds? • Investigate the distribution of lawn species in the sun and in the shade

  5. Practical Investigation Ideas Cell chemistry • Rate of enzyme action at different temperatures Transport • Osmoregulation in Nereis sp. • To measure the heat beat of Daphnia at different temperatures • Compare the transpiration rate in different plants Respiration • The effect of temperature on the rate of anaerobic respiration of glucose by yeast

  6. Biological Concepts • Enzyme activity • Cell processes such as: photosynthesis, protein synthesis, cellular respiration, mitosis… • Surface area versus volume ratio • Transport: diffusion, osmosis, active transport • Patterns and interrelationships in populations and communities • Transport in plants and animals

  7. In the Past… • To see if different storage places have an effect on the sucrose concentration in potatoes • To determine whether the sucrose concentration varies between different root vegetables. • To find which river in the Nelson region has the highest density of micro invertebrates • To find out what effect the texture of soil has on seed germination • To find out, if the flow rate in a steam has an effect on the diversity and the abundance of bacteria and fungi found in the stream • Does the temperature of sodium hydroxide have an effect on the rate of diffusion into agar?