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Fine-Tuning Your Paragraph PowerPoint Presentation
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Fine-Tuning Your Paragraph

Fine-Tuning Your Paragraph

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Fine-Tuning Your Paragraph

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  1. Fine-Tuning Your Paragraph Going Through The Process

  2. Writing Unified Paragraphs • A paragraph is unified when all its sentences support the main idea in the topic sentence. • You want to make sure that all the sentences help explain and develop the topic sentence.

  3. Writing Well-Developed Paragraphs • A paragraph is well developed when it includes enough specific details and examples to support the main idea in the topic sentence. • The more details and examples you provide, the better developed your paragraph will be. • NOTE: Just because a paragraph is long does not mean you have provided enough support.

  4. Writing Coherent Paragraphs • A paragraph is coherent when all its sentences are arranged in a definite order. • You can organize your ideas in three ways: time order, spatial order, or logical order. • Time Order: arrange events in the order in which they occurred. • Spatial Order: arrange details in relation to one another. This is most often used when you’re describing something. • Logical Order: arrange ideas into related groups and discuss each group, one after the other.

  5. EXAMPLES • Completing high school and graduating with honors was the main goal in my life, and upon completion, I am very proud of this great accomplishment. During my high school experience, I have struggled so hard to have a high GPA and to be an honor roll student. I took advanced classes to help me prepare for college. These classes helped me better understand exactly how much harder I must work to succeed. Educational and learning assistants helped me succeed; I cooperated and worked effectively with individuals and groups, using appropriate social skills. I have also done community service hours. I volunteered at the Long Beach Marathon, at my school, and at Long Beach Pacific Hospital. I challenged myself to complete 105 hours of community service. When I was in high school, I met my true friend and, most importantly, the love of my life. In this case, I gained confidence and responsibilities for myself. My whole high school year I always procrastinated. I always got too lazy to do my homework and study. I also felt like I have one more day to do everything. But I have learned how to manage my time. My teacher taught me how to budget time wisely. Getting an assignment done early relieves stress and anxiety.

  6. EXAMPLES • As Joey was growing up, we have all noticed that he is a great observer. Once he was able to crawl, Joey would do nothing but follow people around and look at what they were doing and how they were doing it. When Joey was able to start running, he would follow all the older kids around. He was actually able to learn how to play all the games the older kids would play just by watching. Trying to teach Joey something new is pretty easy because of how observant he is. For example, Joey is able to fluently count and he also knows the alphabet. Of course, this is normal for a four-year-old child, but the most amazing part about this is that he even knew how to count and sing his ABC’s before he turned three. His observant nature never ceases to amaze me.