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  1. Uruguay

  2. History The first Europeans to settle in Uruguay were the Portuguese, in 1680.The Spanish settled a a fort at Montevideo in 1726, and the two gorps fought for the area.Portugal ceded its claim to Uruguay in 1777. When Napoleon conquered Spain in 1808, Buenos Aires, declared itself in command of the viceroyality, of Rio de la Plata, which included Uruguay. However, the Uruguayans had no desire to submit to Argentines denomination.

  3. Type of Government The oriental Republic of Uruguay has returned to democracy. Spanishis the official Language Religion Uruguay is one of the most secularized countries in Latin America. Most are Roman Catholic.

  4. Business Practices

  5. Appointments • Write the day first, then the month, then the year. • Business hours are from 8:30 A.M. to noon and 2:30 to 6:30 P.M. • The best time of the year to conduct business in Uruguay is from May through November.

  6. Negotiating • The pace of business in Latin America is much slower than in the U.S. • Although many executives speak english, check beforehand as to whether or not you will need an interpreter. • Uruguayans are great sport fans. Talkins about sports is a good start ina conversation.

  7. Business Entertaining • Uruguayans are comfortable discussing business over lunch. • The best choice for food id chinesse, french or uruguayan. • Uruguay is a major catlle producer , and its restaurants serve some of the best beef of the world. • Be aware that Uruguay abounds in casinos; your counterpart may invite you out to see them.

  8. Protocol

  9. Greetings • Except when greeting close friends, it is traditional to shake hands firmly with both men and women. • Cloe male friends shake hands upon meeting, but men kiss close female friends.

  10. Gestures • Uruguayans business people gives U.S. citizens more “ breathing room” than fellow Uruguayans. • The U.S. thumbs up gesture means OK in Uruguay.

  11. Gifts • Gift giving is not a major aspect of doing business. • Roses are the most appreciated flower. When you are given advance notice of an invitation to a Uruguayan home, bring (or have sent before you arrive) flowers or chocolates.

  12. Dress • Business dress in Uruguay is conservative: dark suits and ties for men, white blouses and dark suits for women. • Uruguayans do not favor the bright colors.