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Cell Analogies PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell Analogies

Cell Analogies

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Cell Analogies

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  1. Cell Analogies By Ms. Cerletty’s 2011 Advanced Biology Class

  2. Make a chart

  3. The cellular control center Nucleus – Vanessa and Claudia Nucleolus- Morgan and Alex

  4. The nucleus is like the principal of a school. • The function of the nucleus is to control many of the cells activities. • The function of the principal is to control student’s activities.

  5. The nucleolus is like a lunch lady of a school. • The function of the nucleolus is to create ribosomes. • The function of the lunch ladies it to make the food for students.

  6. Organelles that Store, Clean-up and Support Vacuoles- Ty Lysosomes- Justin and Sunny Cytoskeleton- Jessie and Claudia Centrioles- Tre and Tyler

  7. The vacuoles is like the book shelves in a library at a school. • The function of the vacuole is to store materials. • The function of a book shelf is to store books. Vacuole

  8. The Lysosomes is like the janitor of the school. • The function of the Lysosome is to remove “junk” that accumulates in the cell. • The function of the janitor is to clean junk in schools.

  9. The Cytoskeleton is like the wallsin a school. • The function of the cytoskeleton is to maintain the cell shape and help the cell move. • The function of the wall is to provide support to maintain the shape of the school.

  10. The centrioles are like copy machines in a school. • The function of the centrioles is to organize cell division. • The function of the copy machine is to reproduce images or documents.

  11. Organelle that build proteins Ribosomes- Ann Marie and Kim Endoplasmic reticulum- Ben and Ryan Golgi apparatus- Danielle, Makenzie, Logan

  12. The Ribosome is like the printer of the school. The function of the printer is to process letters and words and print them out in order on paper. • The function of the ribosome is to produce proteins by following coded instructions that come from DNA.

  13. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like Woodshop class in a school. • The function of the Endoplasmic Reticulum is where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled, along with proteins and other materials that are exported from the cell. • The function of Woodshop class is to make and assemble things.

  14. The Golgi Apparatus is like the seniors and the teachers of a high school. • The function of the Golgi apparatus is to modify, sort, and package proteins and lipids for storage or transport out of the cell. Final touches to proteins • The function of the senior’s teachers is to prepare and put final touches on before the seniors move on to college.

  15. Organelles that capture and release energy Chloroplasts- Kendall and Brianna Mitochondria- Andy and Jackson

  16. The chloroplast is like solar powered calculators students have in a school • The function of the Chloroplast is to convert solar energy to chemical energy stored in foods • The function of a solar powered calculator is to take light to power the calculator

  17. The mitochondria is like the generators of a school • The function of a generator is to provide energy to power electronic items by converting gasoline into energy • The function of a mitochondria is to Convert chemical energy and food into usable compounds

  18. Cellular Boundaries Cell wall- Matthew and Brendan Cell membrane- Nick and Nathanael

  19. The cell wall is like the outside wall of a school. • The function of the cell wall is to support, shape, and protect the cell. The function of the outside wall of the school is to protect the inside.

  20. The Cell Membrane is like the Main Entrance of the School. • The function of the Main entrance of the school is to keep track of the people that come into and leave the school. • The function of the Cell Membrane is to regulate the materials entering and leaving cell; protects and supports cell.