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Cardinal Time

Cardinal Time

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Cardinal Time

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  1. Cardinal Time Peer Mentor Program 2012-2013

  2. TRUE OR FALSE QUIZ ABOUT 9TH GRADERS • More students fail 9th grade than any other grade level. • TRUE • 9th grade students who feel that they are connected to the school community through school activities are more motivated and show higher academic achievement. • TRUE • 9th grade boys tend to experience greater difficulties adjusting to the social aspects of high school than girls do. • FALSE • 9th grade girls reported more support from their peers in high school and 9th grade boys reported more support from their family. • TRUE

  3. SENIOR PEER MENTORS Seniors who have demonstrated the ability to be positive role models for their peers would be given the opportunity and training to be a peer mentor for 3-5 freshmen.

  4. SENIOR PEER MENTORS GOAL Each senior peer mentor would gain leadership skills as he or she helps freshmen make a successful transition to high school by being a positive role model, teaching and modeling skills that would benefit students in high school, and being a peer resource about WLHS.

  5. FRESHMEN All freshmen students would participate in a peer mentoring program. Each freshmen would be in a small group of 3-5 students assigned to one senior mentor. Freshmen would have access to additional senior peer mentors during Cardinal Time*. *Four to five senior mentors and the freshmen assigned to them met together as a Friday small group every other week during an advisory period called Cardinal Time.

  6. FRESHMEN GOAL Each freshmen would make a successful transition to high school by having intentional access to positive senior peer mentors who will teach and model skills that would benefit them in high school and who will be a peer resource to them about WLHS.

  7. September PROGRAM FOCUS: To introduce the program and connect freshmen with peer mentors. • 15 Senior Peer Mentors were selected after filling out an application and being interviewed. • Kickoff occurred to introduce the program and to connect freshmen with mentors.

  8. October • PROGRAM FOCUS: To encourage rapport and to establish positive peer relationships among freshmen and senior peer mentors. • Senior Peer Mentors began meeting twice a month during an advisory period for training and planning. They were encouraged to make weekly contact in the hallways or at lunch with the freshmen assigned to them. The first Cardinal Time occurred during the first week of September and ran through the end of December.

  9. September - December PROGRAM FOCUS: To continue to encourage positive peer relationships among freshmen and senior peer mentors. • Topics include: Positive Self-Identity, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Alcohol and Drugs, Coping with Stress, Coping with Anger, Conflict Resolution, and Friendships and Dating.