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Lise Brin, MLIS

Lise Brin, MLIS

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Lise Brin, MLIS

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  1. Gathering, Organizing, Re-Visiting and Citing Sources: Using RefWorks throughout the Entire Research Process Lise Brin, MLIS Lise Brin, MLIS Emerging Services Librarian, Angus L. Macdonald Library Last Updated April 2013

  2. What Is RefWorks? Last Updated April 2013

  3. What Can You Do with RefWorks? (1/2) • Format citations in a paper in practically any citation style (using the Write-N-Cite plug-in for MSWord) • Organize and categorize sources into folders within your RefWorks account • Preserve and annotate citations • Save the PDF of the article within your RefWorks account • Share a group of citations (and annotations thereof) with others Last Updated April 2013

  4. What Can You Do with RefWorks? (2/2) • Export your collection of citations to other applications • Hand over an organized record of the literature you’ve consulted to your supervisor at the end of your contract • In thesis-writing, avoid having to keep track of which sources you’ve included in your text when you prepare the Reference List Last Updated April 2013

  5. RefWorks 2.0 Angus L. Macdonald Library Prepared by: Suzanne van den Hoogen

  6. Learning Outcomes In today’s workshop we will learn how to: • Create a RefWorks account • Access RefWorks on and off campus • Explore RefWorks • Create folders and Import references • Generate a bibliography in multiple citation style formats Last Updated April 2013

  7. Before we begin… • Open FireFox • Be careful for popup blockers Last Updated April 2013

  8. What is ? ? • RefWorks is a web-based application tool that allows you to create and organize citations and generate a list of bibliographic references in a number of different citation styles. Last Updated April 2013

  9. Accessing your RefWorks Account StFX Library Website Last Updated April 2013

  10. Creating a New RefWorks Account • Sign up for an individual account • Fill out the registration form • Select “Create Account” • RefWorks will confirm your registration with an instant email. • You are ready to log in to your new RefWorks account! Last Updated April 2013

  11. Logging in to RefWorks on Campus Log in using your username and password NOTE: Keep your username/password in a safe location Last Updated April 2013

  12. Logging in to RefWorks from Off Campus The Group Code for StFX is RWStFrXaU. Proceed by logging in with your username and password. Last Updated April 2013

  13. When RefWorks opens, it will open All References in your account. Last Updated April 2013

  14. Exploring RefWorks Have fun! Get to know this tool Last Updated April 2013

  15. Creating Folders Folders provide an excellent way to organize your references. Select the New Folder button under the RefWorks header Enter a new folder name and select Create. Last Updated April 2013

  16. Last Updated April 2013

  17. Last Updated April 2013

  18. Importing References from a database Open RefWorks. Go to the Angus L. Macdonald library website: Select a database to search. Complete your search. Select the articles you want to export to RefWorks Select the Export/Save button. A dropdown menu will display. Last Updated April 2013

  19. Importing References from a database • Select “Export to RefWorks.” • An import page will open and confirm that your references have been imported. • Select “View Last Imported Folder”to view these references. Last Updated April 2013

  20. Organizing Your References • Select “View Last Imported Folder” • Select your References and move them to their appropriate folder. • You can select your references individually, or you can select all the references from this list. • Click on the folder icon to select your folder. Last Updated April 2013

  21. Last Updated April 2013

  22. Importing References from Google Scholar • Go to Google Scholar: • In the upper right hand corner, click on the icon. • Scholar Settings will open. • Select “RefWorks” from the Bibliography Manager drop down menu. • Remember to SAVE your preferences! Last Updated April 2013

  23. Importing References from Google Scholar Last Updated April 2013

  24. Importing References from Google Scholar • Google Scholar will now provide you with an option to import selected references directly into RefWorks. Last Updated April 2013

  25. Last Updated April 2013

  26. Importing References from the StFX Library Catalogue: WorldCat 1. 2. Last Updated April 2013

  27. Importing References from the StFX Library Catalogue: WorldCat 3. 4. Last Updated April 2013

  28. Last Updated April 2013

  29. Adding References Manually Select your citation style Fill in the required fields Last Updated April 2013

  30. Creating a Bibliography with RefWorks Select a citation style for your paper Select the references you would like to include in your Bibliography Select your output style Last Updated April 2013

  31. Creating a Bibliography with RefWorks: Troubleshooting Last Updated April 2013

  32. CHECK YOUR REFERENCES FOR ERRORS!! Do you see any errors with these references? Agnew, J. (2003). American hegemony into american empire? lessons from the invasion of iraq. Antipode, 35(5), 871-885. Ansara, D. L., & Hindin, M. J. (2010). Formal and informal help-seeking associated with women's and men's experiences of intimate partner violence in canada. Social Science & Medicine, 70(7), 1011-1018. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2009.12.009 Last Updated April 2013

  33. Write-N-Cite • Write-N-Cite allows users to run an abbreviated version of RefWorks in their word processor. • To use Write-N-Cite with RefWorks you must download a small utility program to your computer.  There are versions of Write-N-Cite for Windows users and a single version for Mac Users. Last Updated April 2013

  34. RefGrab-It • RefGrab-It is an optional feature for capturing bibliographic information from web pages. • It is available in two versions -- a bookmarklet that works with either Internet Explorer or Firefox and downloadable plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Last Updated April 2013

  35. What we learned in today’s workshop How to… • Create a RefWorks account • Access RefWorks on and off campus • Explore RefWorks • Create folders and Import references • Generate a bibliography in multiple citation style formats • Previewed Write-N-Cite & RefGrab-It Last Updated April 2013

  36. Still Need Help? Contact: the Library Front Desk @ 867-2228 Ask for the Librarian on duty Last Updated April 2013