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S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC) Training Module

S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC) Training Module. S9200 UIFC - What You Will Learn:. Product Overview Universal Replacement Features Call for Heat, Cool and Fan Set Up, Installation and Troubleshooting Cross Reference Mounting Selecting Wiring Harness

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S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC) Training Module

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  1. S9200U1000Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC)Training Module

  2. S9200 UIFC - What You Will Learn: • Product Overview • Universal Replacement • Features • Call for Heat, Cool and Fan • Set Up, Installation and Troubleshooting • Cross Reference • Mounting • Selecting Wiring Harness • Safety Timings • Field Settings • LED Indicators • Interfacing with the VisionPro® • S9200 Advantage

  3. Product Overview

  4. S9200U Universal Integrated Furnace Control What is the S9200U1000? • Universal service replacement part for use on single stage, 120VAC, Silicon carbide hot surface ignition furnaces • Replaces over 120 models! • Electronic circuit board that controls the operation of the furnace, air conditioner (on/off), humidifier (on/off) and electric air cleaner (on/off) • Applicable for use on 25M+ furnaces installed in the United States and Canada between 1991 and 2006 • The “brain” for most single state, HSI furnaces built in the ’90’s One part number: S9200U1000

  5. Key S9200U UIFC Features • Universal Application • Keyed wiring harnesses are included with the product for simple installation of most single stage HSI IFC’s • Less time scouring the shelves for the exact part and installation is done in a few simple steps • Robust Diagnostics • On-board LED flame signal strength indication • System status (performance and diagnostics) • EnviraCOM™ communications enabled • Capability to enable local and/or remote status, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and HVAC system control

  6. Product Overview: Position in Portfolio Through the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, 25M+ controls were installed in single stage HSI furnaces. These units are no longer under warranty and this presents a large replacement opportunity for the S9200.

  7. Product Overview – S9200U • The key to making a universal replacement work: • Special • wiring • harness Connects old cable to new board

  8. Product Overview – What does it do? • On a Call For Heat, the UIFC: • Manages the ignition process • Checks safety interlocks to insure ok to ignite • Provides power to Hot Surface Igniter • Energizes induced draft blower motor & gas valve • Detects flame presence • Turns circulating fan on at end of heat on delay • Turns Humidifier, Electric Air Cleaner On (If present) • Monitors safe operation of furnace • Manages furnace shut down at end of call for heat • Close gas valve, turns Humidifier, EAC, induced draft blower off • Turns circulating fan off at end of fan off delay

  9. Product Overview – What does it do? • On a Call for Cool, the UIFC • Energizes Cooling Contactor • Turns Circulating Fan On (at end of cool on delay) • Manages Air Conditioner shut down at end of call for cool • De-energize contractor, turn fan off (at end of cool off delay) • On a Call For Fan: • Turn Circulating Fan On • Provides Robust Diagnostic Information: • Three Diagnostic LEDs: • Amber LED: Flame strength • Red LED: Sequence of Operation & Alarm Information • Green LED: EnviraCOM status • EnviraCOM Communications: • EnviraCOM alarms available for display on VisionPro IAQ

  10. Set Up, Installation and Troubleshooting

  11. Step 1 – Cross Reference • Find the exact model number of the old control in the cross reference • United Technologies • Rheem • Nordyne • Texas Instruments • York • White-Rodgers • Goodman

  12. Step 2 - Select Wiring Harness • Choose the correct wiring harnesses for the control you are replacing • Use Cross Reference 50024568 Main Connector 50024566 Inducer & HSI Connector

  13. Step 3 - Tag Wires • Before removing any wires from the old board . . . • Use tape to label each of the individual wires leading to the IFC board • This is just a suggestion, not a necessary part of installation. • No need to label wires on mutli-wire plug • Remove the existing board

  14. Step 4 - Mount the UIFC • Mount in same location as old control • All existing wires should reach to the new control • Mount vertically • (surface of the board going up and down) • Be sure the board won’t get wet • (from condensation or leaky humidifier, etc.)

  15. Step 5 - Plug In Harness • Harness connects from old plug to new board • Re-connect individual wires to line voltage loads • Reconnect thermostat wires

  16. Step 6 - Set Safety Timings • Switch S2 • Get recommended settings from Cross Reference

  17. Safety Timings * The shorter of the two periods listed (17 seconds) applies to the first trial only, while the longer period (27 seconds) applies to the subsequent trials during the same call for heat.

  18. Step 7 - Field Settings • Switch S1 • Get settings from Cross Reference COOL FAN OFF DELAY HEAT FAN ON DELAY HEAT FAN OFF DELAY

  19. Field Settings

  20. Step 8 - Safety Timing Lockout Jumper • Remove jumper to lock-in safety timings Or • Settings become permanent after the 10th full operating cycle with the new safety timings even if the jumper is not removed

  21. FLAME STATUS E COM LED Indicators • FLAME (Amber) • Signals low flame current • STATUS (Red) • Fault codes • E-COM (Green) • Shows presence of traffic on the EnviraCOM™ circuit

  22. Interfacing With The VisionPRO® IAQ • If the VisionPro IAQ is part of the system with the S9200, there is an added advantage of EnviraCOM alarm alerts at the thermostat. • Example if a Rollout Limit Opens “Err 87” will appear along with a red light in the upper right-hand corner.

  23. Product Cross Reference

  24. Product Cross Reference • Where do I find Honeywell electronic ignition cross reference and selection information? • www.customer.honeywell.com • S9200U Cross Reference Guide - Form 63-9715 • Technician’s Quick Reference Guide – Form 69-2087 • Honeywell Application Selection and Cross Reference Guide – Form 63-9575 • Honeywell Residential Technical Support: 1-800-468-1502

  25. S9200U Advantages • When promoting the S9200U, keep these advantages in mind: • A Universal control. This single controls replaces over 120identities, and with the keyed wiring harnesses included, finding the right part and installation are a snap! • Save time looking for the right part • Installation in just a few simple steps • Less parts to stock saves time and money stocking ONE control instead of many that you may not use • The on-board LED flame signal and system status indicators make diagnosing and troubleshooting simple. • Save time and reduce callbacks • Less time correcting problems equals satisfied customers • The EnviraCOM™ communications enabled added advantage provides: • Local and/or remote status monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and HVAC system control

  26. S9200U1000Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC)Knowledge Test

  27. S9200U UIFC Knowledge Test • Now that you completed this training module, take the short quiz to test your knowledge.

  28. Test • The S9200U is a replacement control for Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) furnaces? T or F • In addition to controlling the furnace, the S9200 can also control the electronic air cleaner, humidifier, and air conditioner? T or F • The S9200 cannot control the circulating fan? T or F • The replacement opportunity for this control is small and should be short-lived? T or F • The key to replacement with this universal control are the wiring harnesses that replace over 120 identities? T or F

  29. Test • Safety timings and field settings are easily set following the cross reference instructions and setting the dip switches? T or f • The jumper must be cut to lock in the safety timings, or they will never be locked in? T or F • The S9200 has three (3) LED’s to monitor flame, fault codes and EnviraCOM status? T or F • If a VisionPro IAQ is installed as part of the system, the EnviraCOM error codes will appear on the thermostat? T or F • If you can’t find a cross reference for an existing control you should: • Guess and hope for the best, or • Call Honeywell Residential Technical Support

  30. Answer Key • T • T • F • F • T • T • F • T • T • B

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