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  1. Results • Based on our result of survey and the information collected from some web sites, we can classify the stresses into three main types: • 1)Family • 2)Studies • a)Public examination • b)School • 3)Relationships • a)Friends and classmates • b)Love affairs

  2. Family • Teenagers usually tends to not obey their parents, this is what a conflict between teens and parents start. • Some teenagers feel it is unfair for them to be scolded by their parents for not doing homework, going home late, etc.

  3. Nowadays, the economic of Hong Kong is poor, parents are facing a huge pressure now, the attitude of speaking to the teenagers is aggressive sometimes. • Teenagers may think that their parents do not love them anymore. They may think that death is the best way to solve the problem.

  4. Public examinations • In Hong Kong, students face many examinations. • For Primary 6 students, most of the parents want their children enter a band one school using English as teaching medium. They always project their own expectations on their children. • But they are too young to handle their pressure from the examination.

  5. Many secondary school students are afraid of facing the public examination such as HKCEE and HKALE. • For secondary five and secondary seven students, they take public examinations which will decide whether they can promote further studies, or not. • Many people believe that having a good academic result means that an ideal job with well paid will be offered in the future.

  6. Under the high unemployment rate in Hong Kong now, the youngsters who only graduate from Secondary 5 have fewer and fewer opportunities to seek employment. • Students think that exams are so important that will alter their lives.

  7. School • Secondary school curriculum is a tight one. • Students has to do many assignments and prepare quiz or examination very frequently. • Many parents get them a pirate tutor or rush them to the tutorial centers for extra lessons. This increases the length of time that students spend on studying.

  8. Some teachers only appreciate students with good performance on their academic work. This would make the students (who got bad school results) upset. • Many and many Form 6 students are overwhelmed by the HKALE and new responsibilities at school and outside.

  9. RELATIONSHIPSFriends and classmates • For a youngster, the peers always affect the self-esteem of the teenagers in some ways. • The youth with low self-esteem would want to commit suicide easily. They cannot make friends easily and are believed by their peers as an ‘ oddball’. • Youngsters always worry about being an abnormal people and have a bad ‘nickname’ called by their peers.

  10. Many teenagers are lack of confidence. They have the feelings of inferiority because they are laughed by their peers. This due to the shape or appearance of their bodies. • Some youth who come from mainland have difficulties in speaking Cantonese

  11. Love Affairs • Hong Kong parents sharing little time with children has never been rare. • Young people turn to friends,girl friends or boy friends to teachers at school. • Fortunate youths get relaxed because of the love and concern of their teachers and the friendship with their friends help alleviate their stress.

  12. Unfortunately ,most teenagers are not mature enough to talk ,to explain their feeling to their lovers . So misunderstanding occurs. • If they don’t look into the matter serious, when the problem is happened again ,they will have very high pressure ,and suicide without think twice.

  13. Recommendations Solutions to the pressure from family: • Parents should change their mind that blaming at their children is the best way to solve the problem. • Parents should be more active to talk to their children. • Parents can try to encourage their children. • Communication is a very important process to break the ice between parents and teenagers.

  14. Solutions to the pressure from studies: • Parents, teachers and social workers should be aware of the youngsters who get unsatisfactory results in the public examination. • A number of educational programmes can be applied by Form Five and Form Seven school-leavers • e.g. Project Springboard, the Associate Degree programmes.. • Students should not exert too much pressure on themselves.

  15. Hong Kong Education Department should cut down the number of examinations . • The policy of education in HK should be changed because students' lives should be also filled with joy and challenges. • Non-academic admission policy may be considered by some universities.

  16. Solutions to the pressure from relationships • The government can shoulder the responsibility of promoting positive values by organizing talks and activities. • Hotlines should be set up for the public. • The mass media should also be self-disciplined.

  17. School and families should join hands and provide a better environment, which is full of love and support, for young people. • Youth have to treasure their own lives in Hong Kong. They should believe that “you treasure your lives”.

  18. Conclusion • There was rapidly increasing rate of teen suicide. • The pressures are mainly come from their families, studies (public examination, school), relationships between friends and classmates and dating.

  19. We also give some suggested solutions to solve the problem. • We hope our presentations can help the people who want to commit suicide to give up their mind.

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  21. THE END Group members:7B Tang Cheuk Kin, Claudio (12) Cheung Fai, Nicole (18) Lee Suet Yi,Shirley (25) Tang Fong Ling, Fion (28) Wong Sze Man,Cindy (29) Yeun Lai Ming, Care (32)