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SIXTH MONTHLY REPORT 2013/14. Presentation to the Portfolio Committee of Police 15 th October 2013. Civilian Secretariat for Police. 1 st Quarter Expenditure. 2 nd Quarter Expenditure (Cumulative). 2 nd Quarter Expenditure Summary (Cumulative). Proposed 2013/14 Budget Adjustments.

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  1. SIXTH MONTHLY REPORT 2013/14 Presentation to the Portfolio Committee of Police 15th October 2013 Civilian Secretariat for Police

  2. 1st Quarter Expenditure

  3. 2nd Quarter Expenditure (Cumulative)

  4. 2nd Quarter Expenditure Summary (Cumulative)

  5. Proposed 2013/14 Budget Adjustments

  6. FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: 2013/14 – 2016/17

  7. ADMINISTRATION • Office of the Secretary • Greater coordination of MINMEC meetings through better use of reporting • Alignment of Provinces progressing with all provinces now establishing Secretariat structures • Process to becoming a designated department being finalised 2. Human Resource Management • Approved disciplinary policy being implemented • Approved Human Resource plan being implemented • Skills audit finalised • Improved monitoring of compliance issues related to sick leave, recruitment, selection, and attendance 3. Supply Chain Management • Procurement planning introduced for all units and monitoring of performance against plan. • Supply Chain Management policy finalised and being workshopped with Units • Finalised physical asset verification 4. Financial Management • Shared services with IPID as opposed to SAPS being developed • Better budget monitoring implemented • Treasury engaged regarding final requirements for designated department


  9. PARTNERSHIPS 1. Civil Society Partnerships • Western Cape faith based engagements were initiated as part of implementing crime prevention and safety programmes (focus is on youth and the elderly) • Agreement reached between Civics and Unions on implementation of crime prevention initiatives. Working groups established with FAWU and police unions • Established a working group with Traditional leaders in Limpopo • Buy in from stakeholders to launch the campaign. Awaiting launch date 2. Intergovernmental Relations • The target was to establish 8 by the end of second quarter, but 16 were established • All provinces now have CSF facilitation forums which are being monitored on a quarterly basis • Extended working relations with Cogta,/Salga. GIZ is assisting with facilitation. • Developed a programme with Department of Social Development on the participation of Provincial Departments of Safety on the social sector EPWP 3. Community Outreach • Target of five Izimbizo/Public Participation outreach meetings were held in (Mannenburg, Gugulethu, Mitchel’s Plain, Phillipi and Jabulani) • The CPF training committee was established and a manual is being drafted • Participation in the Eldorado Park area. Focus on Drug abuse

  10. PARTNERSHIPS 4. Public Private Partnerships • Engagements held with the University of Johannesburg to focus specifically on student safety • Second phase of visit hosted jointly by CSP/Agri SA and FAWU now being rolled out • Small Business Anti-Robbery Strategy finalised and approved FACTORS IMPACTING ON SERVICE DELIVERY

  11. POLICY & RESEARCH 1. Policy • The Green Paper on Policing was approved for public comment by Cabinet & provincial consultations were held between June & August • All submissions were considered & the drafting of the White Paper on Policing commenced • Consultation and research completed for Use of Force Policy. Currently at drafting phase • Finalised responses for the detective dialogue & presented to the Portfolio Committee on Police Commenced with drafting a Detection Policy 2. Research • An assessment of crimes in rural areas (3 provinces) was conducted and a report was developed (Special project) • Finalized together with Provincial Secretariats, Rural Safety project proposal and questionnaires • International conference being finalized for early 2014 and study tour at end 2013 3. Resource Information Centre • Installation of the Library cataloguing system • Police legislation database developed • All reports relating to policing dealt with in Parliament were collated


  13. LEGISLATION • Finalisation of the Dangerous Weapons Bill • Introduced Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill 2012 • Finalised and presented to Parliament the policy on Selection of Offences for DPCI • Tabled National Instructions on Fingerprint Legislation • Finalised with Provinces Regulations for the Secretariats • Tabled the Protection from Harassment National Instructions • Conducted a diagnostic assessment of Review of South African Police Service Act


  15. MONITORING & EVALUATION 1. Police Performance • 117 oversight visits based on the National Monitoring Tool (NMT) were conducted instead of the 110 planned (the figure excludes Q2 visits). A trends analysis report based on the visits was produced. • An analysis of the SAPS 2014/15 APP was produced. • Phase I of the Frontline Service Delivery project was undertaken. 94 of the 100 sampled police stations were visited. Phase II (follow-up visits) will be conducted during this quarter and the final report is due by the end of the 2013/14 fy. 2. Police Conduct • 254 service delivery complaints were handled and an analysis thereof compiled. • Established a working group to develop a complaints management system for the organization • Facilitated the implementation of IPID recommendations through a joint forum comprising of SAPS, IPID and CSP • Analysis of the quality of IPID recommendations conducted 3. Compliance • 61 DVA Audits were conducted for Q1. Reports for Q2 are due by 18 October 2013. • The DVA report to Parliament was compiled and presented to the Portfolio Committee on Police and the National Council of Provinces. • A dialogue on Improved police response towards safe, violent free communities for women and girls washeld with civil society and government departments.

  16. MONITORING & EVALUATION 4. Evaluations • Finalisation of the evaluation of the Resolving of Crime (ROC) report • Developed TORs and tools for the following evaluations: • Quasi-experimental evaluation of ROC • Implementation evaluation of SAPS Garages – Outsourcing FACTORS IMPACTING ON SERVICE DELIVERY


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