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Covers Research

Covers Research

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Covers Research

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  1. Covers Research George Swain

  2. Why? • Since deciding to completely restart my magazine, I wanted to first get a few ideas. I looked in shops and on the internet at some different magazine covers. I have decided that I want something classy, well refined. Not a particularly shouty magazine like NME. • My favourites so far have been GQ and Esquire; GQ for the entire magazine and Esquire for it’s unique front covers.

  3. Examples

  4. Examples

  5. GQ • When I saw GQ magazines I instantly got the opinion that they knew what they were doing. I liked their use of photo’s for their covers, and all of the oozed class. They never ever over flowed their covers with sell lines and excess information. They draw the reader in using the ethos ‘Quality not quantity’ and it does work. • They always use their own set conventions so as to keep some consistency throughout their issues. For example, they will always have their GQ title in the top left hand corner, in the same font. Only ever changing the colour to suit the cover photo. They do also sometimes slip part of the title behind the cover photo. This does show an air of confidence that their logo is well recognised, meaning they don’t have to display all of it.

  6. Esquire • Esquire comes across as a more abstract magazine from first glance. They tend to use more dramatic photo’s for their covers. (see Clint Eastwood) They also use women as a point of attraction, probably more so than GQ do. Seeing as it is a men's magazine I understand why. • Also even more so than GQ they have very minimalist front covers. Some of them are just a cover photo and title. I think this displays a huge amount of self confidence in their own brand. I personally find this approach very eye catching and it does intrigue me as to what the magazine includes.

  7. Ideas • There are a few things and techniques I want to use that I’ve seen in these two magazines. • First off I will use quite a standard title font. One that is easily recognisable and not cheesy or complicated. • I will also place my title across the top of my magazine, starting in the top left corner. • I want to use a female on my cover as a way of attracting a more male audience. However, I don’t want it as raunchy as the ones used by Esquire. I want to base it more on the beauty of the lady, her face especially. I think this adds more class. • I also want to try a fairly minimalist approach, and not over crowd the cover. • I want my cover photo to be the centre piece.