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  1. Floods By:Codie Mullins

  2. Facts About Floods • Six inches of fast flowing water will knock you off your feet. • Four inches of water will ruin your carpet. • Two feet of water will float your car. • This is what can happen when a alert is issued.

  3. Floods • EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE A NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL KIT!!!!!!!! • If you do not have one and a natural disaster hits you will not have anything to eat or drink.

  4. Facts about Floods • This is a picture of a flood. • Floods and flash floods are the leading weather-related killers in the United States. • A flood watch means flooding is possible and a flood warning means flooding is imminent.

  5. Facts about Floods • This is a picture of a flood in Bangladesh. • General river flooding occurs after long-term heavy rain, snow melt, or a combination of the two. It usually occurs slowly, allowing more time to move people and property to safety

  6. Facts about Floods • This is a picture of a flood in Alaskans. • Flash flooding is always life threatening and occurs very quickly. Flash flooding typically occurs in hilly or mountainous areas, but can occur anywhere when heavy rains fall in a short amount of time. Flash flooding can also be caused by a dam failure.

  7. Facts about floods • Drowning is the number one cause of death in a flood. • More people drowned in their cars than anywhere else in a flood. • Electrical currents travel through water and can be very deadly. • If you live or work in a floodplain and you know that a flood is coming,shut off your gas and electricity, and move valuable items to higher grounds.

  8. How to stay safe in a flood • This is a picture of a flood in April 1975. • In a flood you do not need to walk through flowing water. • you also do not need to drive through flooding water. • You need to stay away from power lines and electrical lines.