genetic manipulation n.
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Genetic Manipulation

Genetic Manipulation

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Genetic Manipulation

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  1. Genetic Manipulation The New You of Tomorrow By: Vincent Zhu

  2. What is Gene Manipulation? • Gene manipulation is as it is called, the manipulation of genes, • the transformation of genes • cutting and joining of DNA • research

  3. History of Gene Manipulation • 1869-Friedrich Miescher discovers the existence of DNA • 1970s- scientists proposed what they called "gene surgery" for treating inherited diseases caused by defective genes. • 1978-Hamilton O. Smith, Daniel Nathans and Werner Arber discover how to cut apart lines of DNa

  4. History of Gene Manipulation • 1988 launch of the human genome project • 1996 First mammal cloned, the Sheep Dolly • 1997 Rice Tec given Patent on Basmati Rice • 2000, President Clinton announced that the genome sequence could not be patented

  5. Fields of Gen manipulation • Gene Splicing • Cloning • Genetic therapy and Medicine • Direct genetic engineering

  6. Gene Splicing • Gene splicing allows scientists to identify specific genes, remove them, and duplicate them and use them in another part of the same or in an entirely different organism. • The use of this innovation has broken the barriers between species and allowed further evolution of agriculture and animals. For example crops that endure cold and has it own natural pesticide

  7. Cloning • The process of creating a completely genetically identical individual to the original. • This process has great potential help the world in creating stem cells, organs or possible recreate lost animal species • Such ideas have been express greatly in fictional movies like Star Wars and the Sleeper

  8. Medicine • Through Genetic therapy, curing disease such as cancer, leukemia, and other genetically passed down diseases are now possible. • Pharmacogenomics has created medicine to control our moods such as Ritalin; through this process drugs are better, safer, and more personalized for you

  9. Direct Genetic Engineering • Direct gene manipulation can manipulate your genes right from birth to prevent future defects and give better physical assets. We can use embryo screening, which done commonly today, to screen the embryo for genes that cause heritable diseases, physical defects, depression. Parents are allowed the choice to either keep or discard the embryo and can even change the DNA chains and replace the unwanted one with better ones.

  10. Pros • Better medicine • More nutrient efficient foods • Longer life expectancies • No more genetically passed down diseases • Unlimited potential • Better Health

  11. Cons & Controversies • Morally and ethically incorrect • Lost of identity in society • Social inequality • Renewed biological warfare • Still very experimental

  12. Cons • Gene Patenting has pushed farmers out of the farming business forbidding them to grow their crops

  13. Why shouldn’t we ignore This • There are many helpful solutions that come form genetic manipulation • Stem cell research • Medicine • Cure to genetic diseases • It isn’t the burden of scientist to control and regulate what can be done, its Society and Government. • This technology is still experimental because public option is holding it back

  14. Why should we • people are already de-evolving with high dependence on other technologies leading to obesity and un healthy practices • People are not going to evolve on their own because society rejects such differences • The possibilities within genes are unlimited • This process is already a possible event and if we don’t take some interest in it now it will be reserved for the rich and powerful • It is human to evolve

  15. The End