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  1. France May 9-23, 2014


  3. Checked Luggage • Delta Airlines • ONE checked bag – no charge • No more than 50 lbs! • If you can’t lift your bag above your head, make it lighter! PACK LIGHT

  4. Carry On Luggage • Delta Airlines allows ONE carry on bag free of charge, plus one personal item • Suggested carry-on items: • Medication that you need in France • Change of clothes • Glasses/contacts • Toothbrush, deodorant • All travel documents • Anything valuable or difficult to replace (e.g. your camera) • Prohibited Items • Sharp Objects >> razors, pocket knives, scissors • Sporting Goods • Guns & Firearms • Tools • Martial Arts & Self Defense Items • Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items • Liquids that don’t meet the 3-1-1 rules • Other Items • Aerosol (perfume/cologne, hair spray, deodorant, insect repellent, etc.)* *May be put in checked bag

  5. Packing – Do’s & Don’ts • Do pack: • A good pair of walking shoes • Clothes for all activities and layers! • Your camera • A photocopy of your passport • Don’t pack: • Valuable, irreplaceable items (family jewelry, expensive clothing, laptop, etc.) • Too much! You will need to carry and keep up with your suitcase through the airport and throughout the trip.

  6. Medicine Kit • Any prescriptions you need • Other medications you normally take • Leave all medicines in their original prescription bottle • Travel medicines you may need • Motion sickness • Sleep aids for the plane • Band-aids

  7. Electronics • If you must take anything electronic, make sure it is dual voltage or has a voltage converter (most laptops and phones have these built in- check to see if the plug indicates 110-240V) • An adaptor is to change the shape of the plug • A voltage converter is to change the voltage capacity • Converters and adaptors can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Amazon, luggage stores • Hair dryers do not work well through converters

  8. Electronics Continued Outlet Voltage Electricity in France is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to France with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

  9. Technicalities • Leave a copy of your passport at home • E-mail yourself a copy of your passport • Call your credit card company to notify them of your travels • Have some cash • Leave copies of your credit card numbers and contact details with someone you trust


  11. Leaving from Charlotte • Delta Airlines • May 9 • DL 4942 Charlotte to Minneapolis • Depart Charlotte 11:30 am • Arrive 1:21 pm • DL 171 Minneapolis to Paris • Depart Minneapolis 5:15 pm • Arrive 8:35 pm • Departure • Arrive at the airport by 9 am on May 9 • Meet at Delta Airlines check in • Flight leaves at 11:30 am • DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT

  12. Upon Arrival • When you arrive in France, you will go through customs. • You will need your passport and landing documents (you will receive these on the plane) • There will be a bus waiting at the airport which will you take you to your hotel


  14. Communicating Abroad • Cell phone usage • Phones must be compatible with both the network and the SIM card. • Skype, Viber and other apps might be a better bet. • International phone cards are often available at kiosks and newsstands. • Please let your parents know you arrived safely via text, email, or quick phone call- then put the devices away and ENJOY FRANCE!

  15. Housing • Hotels • Double or triple rooms • Leave your room in better condition than you found it - you are representing Queens!

  16. Meals • Breakfast is included at all hotels in France • Lunches and dinners are at your expense • Tipping • A 15% service charge is included in the cost of meals in France • Tipping is not obligatory, but leaving an extra 5-10% is appreciated • Be prepared to pay as a group, not individually, just in case

  17. Time • Charlotte Paris 12 12 9 3 9 3 6 6

  18. Money • • 1 USD = .7 EUR (as of 2 Feb 14) • 1 EUR = 1.35 USD

  19. Weather •

  20. Cultural Differences 10 cultural differences you may encounter: • Concept of time and schedules • Approach to work • Eating habits • Concept of “rights” and “privileges” • Reliance on walking and public transit • Size of public and private spaces • Prevalence and permissibility of smoking • Communication style • Environmental conscientiousness (prevalence or lack of) • High/low interest in domestic and international affairs

  21. The W-Curve Cultural Adjustment and satisfaction with your experience Arrival Return Integration between US culture and abroad experience. Honeymoon stage, excitement Frustration with Americans and their excess and customs. Frustration with the culture, homesickness Lysgaard (1955) and Gullahornand Gullahorn (1963)


  23. Behavior JBIP participants are expected to abide by the laws of the host country and uphold the same behavioral standards we expect of the Queens Community and the Honor Code. Behavior that is disruptive to the program, others, or presents an unfavorable representation of Queens will be addressed as follows. First Offense • Student will meet with the Faculty Leader(s). Second Offense • Students will receive a written letter of reprimand and may be asked to report daily to the faculty leader for a specified length of time. The letter will be sent to the Dean of Students and CIE Director who will determine if further action is warranted. Third Offense • Student will be expelled from the program, and returned home at their expense with no refund of any costs. This decision will be made by the CIE director, Angie Edwards in consultation with the faculty leaders. The Dean of Students will be notified.

  24. Behavior The following behavior problems are considered serious enough to warrant immediate dismissal from the program. Students who commit such infractions will be expelled from the program and will receive no refund. • Theft, vandalism, or any other criminal behavior • Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs • Queens has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the purchase, sale, possession or consumption of illegal or non-prescribed drugs. • Alcohol misuse and abuse will not be tolerated. Alcohol misuse is defined as consumption that is harmful or potentially harmful to yourself, program participants, or others. Alcohol abuse is defined as misuse that is consistent and systematic. • Students are expected to abide by the alcohol and drug laws of the countries in which they are studying and travelling. • Sexual harassment • An evening away from the group

  25. Program Rules • Queens students will stay only in the room to which they have been assigned • NO non-Queens visitors to the hotels • Non-Queens people are not allowed on Queens buses, trips or field trips • Please do not have anyone meet you in the country during the program

  26. Health • Heed the advice of HWC and follow up on any immunization or medication recommendations they have given you • If you are under the treatment of a physician or counselor, work with them to develop a plan to manage your condition(s) during your time abroad • Take care of yourself to keep yourself healthy and deal with jetlag (vitamins, Airborne, water, rest)

  27. Safety France can be a safe place to be, but one still needs to be careful! • Never go out alone! Don’t leave anyone alone! • Always carry your emergency card • Always tell someone where you are going • Make sure all bags have zippers • Make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings • Always tell the program director if you are having problems or need help • Always tell the program director if you have health issues

  28. Insurance • EIIA Insurance • • You must review this information, especially as it pertains to pre-existing conditions


  30. Flight Home • Delta Airlines • May 23 • DL 099 Paris to Detroit • Depart Paris 10:50 am • Arrive Detroit 1:35 pm • DL 1396 Detroit to Charlotte • Depart Detroit 3:20 pm • Arrive Charlotte 5:14 pm • Arrival • Arrive at the airport by 5:14 pm on May 23 • Have someone pick you up from the airport by 6 pm

  31. Upon Arrival • When you arrive in Detroit, you will go through customs. • You will need your passport and landing documents (you will receive these on the plane) • You will have to declare everything you purchased while you were abroad

  32. Upon Arrival • After passport control you must collect your luggage and pass through customs • Customs officers have the right to search you at any time • DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE or TAKE PICTURES! • Anything that happens between you and homeland security is between you and homeland security- not the program

  33. More Pre-Departure Materials • • Center for International Education • Short-Term Faculty-Lead Programs • France • Before departure you will receive: • JBIP t-shirts! • Emergency contact cards • Health insurance cards

  34. Final Details • Any vegetarian/special food requests need to be e-mailed to Kim Prucha ( on or before February15th • Not all requests may be accommodated, but we will do our best to do so • Questions?