presented by ryan barck and dom paradise n.
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Alpha Chi Rho Chapter Positions Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Alpha Chi Rho Chapter Positions Presentation

Alpha Chi Rho Chapter Positions Presentation

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Alpha Chi Rho Chapter Positions Presentation

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  1. Presented By Ryan Barck and Dom Paradise Alpha Chi RhoChapter Positions Presentation

  2. Why do we need structure? • What are the biggest problems facing your group? • What are the most important obligations you have as a group?

  3. Nothing in here is mandatory! • This is simply a guide for you to run more efficiently! • Take Notes and utilize what we have provided for you.

  4. Resident Chapter Duly Matriculated Graduate Brothers in good standing The Chapter consists of ... * The Graduate Advisor serves only as an advisor to the Chapter A Brother of the faculty or administration that wishes to be active in the Resident Chapter Chapter President Secretary (Recording) Vice President Executive Board Treasurer VOTING Member at Large The Council consists of at least... * The Faculty Advisor serves as an advisor to the Executive Council Postulant Educator President (except as a tie breaker) NON-VOTING Risk Manager Lead by the Vice President, the E-Board Historian Chaplain House Manager Alumni Relations Sergeant-at-Arms Athletics Chair Special events Public Relations Scholarship Committee Chair Community Service/ Philanthropy Fundraising Recruitment chair Campus Involvement Social Chair

  5. Executive Board • President: most time and energy toward achieving chapter goals and serving as liaison to alumni, university and HQ. • Typically upperclassmen, (shouldn’t be popularity contest)

  6. Executive Board • Vice president: guiding cabinet and committees/ chairmen • VP is the backbone of the chapter. • Responsible for making sure chairs do their job

  7. Executive Board • Treasurer: chief financial officer • Have two signatures on all checks, have financial statements reviewed at least once if not twice a semester for establishment of a budget

  8. Executive Board • Risk management officer: • Identify risks, develop plans to prevent risks • Educate members on risks, develop DD program, Utilize FIPG, Update house with insurance and fire dept. etc.

  9. Executive Board • Secretary: • Responsible for updating rosters, taking meeting minutes, reporting new members, keep proper communication with the chapter • Should be writing articles to the Garnet and White about the chapter

  10. Executive Board • Postulant Educator: • Teacher for all new members • Utilizes material in Exoteric Manual • Responsible for acquiring information on postulants and keeping

  11. Executive Board Member at Large- • “Brotherhood Chairperson” • Schedule Brotherhood events • Relations chapter to chapter • Serves as a mediator between feuding Brothers • Organizes senior farewell, along with formal

  12. Committee Chairs • Rush Chair- • Scheduling events and recruiting members • Should delegate responsibility and use year round recruitment • Community Service- • Utilize “Challenege the World Philanthropies” • Positive community impact • Record attendance and hours doing community service

  13. Committee Chairs • Scholarship- • Improve chapter’s overall GPA • Offer resources and scholarship through AXPEF and the university • Fundraising- • Raise funds for a potential house • Work at sports places, sell things, theme parks • Make dues cheaper

  14. Committee Chairs • Social Chair- • Make your group the socially preferred group on campus • Don’t just drink, be social, that’s the group you joined! • Have fun events! • Sergeant-at-Arms- • Maintain order at meetings • Disciplinarian

  15. Committee Chairs • Other important Chairs: • Ritual Chairman • Alumni relations • Athletics • Historian • Public Relations • Campus Involvement • House Manager • Special Events

  16. Transitions Brothers who take positions need to know what they are getting into! If one chair fails, they all fail Develop a Manual for your chair when you hold it, so it can be passed on (digital or paper copy)

  17. Questions?