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Kappa Sigma Mu-Rho Chapter PowerPoint Presentation
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Kappa Sigma Mu-Rho Chapter

Kappa Sigma Mu-Rho Chapter

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Kappa Sigma Mu-Rho Chapter

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  1. Kappa Sigma Mu-Rho Chapter So you’re thinking about going Greek? Take a look around, see what we have to offer you, and start your journey that lasts a lifetime.

  2. About our chapter We currently have 34 active members in our chapter. This means that there is plenty of room for growth for you as a leader. This also means every person has a closer bond to their brothers.

  3. About our chapter Webster Groves: 1 Kirkwood: 3 Perryville: 1 Reed Spring: 1 Branson: 1 Gibault: 1 Lee’s Summit: 1 Pleasant Hill: 1 Republic: 1 Members from high schools: DeSmet Jesuit High: 3 Rockwood Summit High: 8 SLUH: 1 Mehlville: 4 Blue Springs South: 3 Mountain Grove: 1 School of the Osage:1 Cameron: 1

  4. What we do for fun • Camping Trips

  5. What we do for fun • Barbeques

  6. What we do for fun • Brotherhood events

  7. What we do for fun • Exchanges and Dances

  8. What we do for fun • Hanging out at the house

  9. What we do for fun • Ski Trip to Colorado

  10. Sports • Kappa Sigma is always competitive in Athletics • Ranked 5th out of 12 fraternities in Athletics • Ranked in the top three in Hockey, Volleyball, Racquetball, Tennis, and Bowling

  11. Academics • Spring 04 GPA- 2.95 ranked 3rd among Fraternities • New Member GPA- 3.0 also ranked 3rd • In house GPA- 3.18 ranked 2nd among Fraternities

  12. What we do to ensure high GPAs for our members • 6-8 hours of group study session • Incentive dinners for GPAs above 3.20 • Members with high GPAs assist the other members in studying • We emphasize the importance of academics

  13. About our houselocated at 800 South National(across National from Cheek Hall)


  15. Spacious Basement

  16. Front room and kitchen

  17. Some Cool Facts about our house • Its cheaper to live in our house then live on campus. • We accommodate you with most kitchen supplies. • Free washer and dryer • Free cable and internet connection (includes all HBO channels) • Of the 16 brothers currently living in the house only 4 have roommates.

  18. The Four Pillars • Fellowship • Leadership • Scholarship • Service How does a brotherhood change a man into the best person he can be? Joining Kappa Sigma teaches one about the four pillars that are embraced by all Kappa Sigmas and transform men into leaders.

  19. Friendship that lasts a lifetime

  20. What Famous Alumnus say about Kappa Sigma • “It did my heart good every time I made a campaign stop and saw the Kappa Sigma shirts or the caps. I knew I was among friends….and that lasts a lifetime. The chapter offered opportunities that weren’t available elsewhere. As I look back, fraternity life was the right choice for me.” Bob Dole (Senator)

  21. What famous alumnus say about Kappa Sigma • “ The Fraternity is a place for fellowship- a bond that endures.” Jack Smith (CEO, General Motors Corporation)

  22. What famous alumnus say about Kappa Sigma • “Involvement in student government, community service, and many other activities….all of it was directly related to the fraternity.” Dennis Haskins (Actor)

  23. What famous alumnus say about Kappa Sigma • “Several of the guys in the fraternity played instruments and had a little band.. I saw and opportunity there.” Jimmy Buffet (singer)

  24. Cool Facts about Fraternities • 85% of Fortune 500 executives are Greeks • Of the nations 50 largest companies 43 are headed by fraternity men •  76% of U.S. Congressmen and Senators are Greek •  All but two U.S. Presidents and two Vice Presidents since 1825 have been Greek

  25. Cool Facts about Fraternities (continued) • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1800 have been Greek • 63% of the U.S. President's cabinet members since 1900 are Greek • U.S. Department of Education studies have shown that just over 50% of students in colleges and universities go on to graduate, while members of fraternities and sororities graduate at a rate in excess of 70%. • Nationwide, 62% of fraternity and sorority members are involved with at least one student organization outside of their chapter

  26. And the most amazing stat of all • Despite the successes of Greeks, they make up only 2% of the entire United States Population!!!!!!!!!

  27. Make it the best four years of your life, go Greek….go Kappa Sigma. This slide show was put together by Mike Shore and Danny Kushins. Special thanks to Josh Strickland for supplying the pictures.