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Rho Sigma Tau

Rho Sigma Tau

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Rho Sigma Tau

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  1. Rho Sigma Tau Drafted December 15 by: Stacey Hintz (President) Jamie Hymes (Vice President) Dana Boll (Secretary) Marco Barsana (Sergeant at Arms)

  2. Purpose To provide information and networking to members pursuing a degree in the criminal justice field.

  3. Objectives Improve criminal justice through educational activities. Foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies. Promote professionalism, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues. Encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice. Provide a unified voice for professionals in and students of criminal justice. Promote high standards of ethical conduct professional training and higher education within the field of criminal justice.

  4. How Conduct research on various topics and make a power point presentation and post it on InCircle. Make Matrix and each week designate officer responsible for topic/presentation. Conduct interviews with family or friends in the CJ field. Research CJ services in our area and provide information on employment. Provide job related resources such as resume writing and interviewing.

  5. Meetings Propose one meeting a term. Meetings will be Week 3 of each term and an officer meeting on the week off (between terms) and whenever necessary. Post proposed meeting day/time at the beginning of the month. Members must RSVP/Excuse one week before scheduled day. Tally at close of business to determine whether or not a meeting can be held. Must attend a minimum of one meeting per term or respond to summary posted on website/advance notice to be considered an ACTIVE member.

  6. Membership Qualification Have completed one term at Westwood in CJ field and maintain requirements set forth by Westwood College for clubs and extracurricular activities. Must be able to participate in scheduled meetings May be faculty of Westwood College or alumni with a job or are retired in CJ field. May not have been academically suspended for last 3 terms and in good standing academically Must Meet the qualifications set forth by the National chapter of ACJA LAE (No criminal felonies).

  7. Officer Elections Members must be active to vote Can hold office until the last term before graduation. (Such as elections are held in October and they graduate in November.) Elections shall be held in October of each year. Must have one year remaining at Westwood Online. Officer's must have 3.0+ GPA (Dean's List at least once in last 3 terms) Currently enrolled in Westwood and completed 3 terms Can be impeached by special officer election if felt they are not doing their job

  8. Motion to Vote Yes No

  9. Fundraiser Wickless Candles Lip Balm Scented Candles Air Freshener

  10. Logo Propose to have shirts made in addition or in lieu of the fundraiser to sell. Propose to utilize a contest amongst the graphic design students. Members will then vote on the designs submitted.