sigma iota rho international affairs honor society alpha eta chapter n.
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Sigma iota rho international affairs honor society Alpha eta chapter PowerPoint Presentation
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Sigma iota rho international affairs honor society Alpha eta chapter

Sigma iota rho international affairs honor society Alpha eta chapter

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Sigma iota rho international affairs honor society Alpha eta chapter

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  1. Sigma iota rhointernational affairs honor societyAlpha eta chapter

  2. What is Sigma Iota Rho? • An international affairs honor society for juniors and seniors who demonstrate excellence in their field • Sigma- Greek for synesi, meaning prudence • Iota- Greek for ideodoi, meaning ideals • Rho- Greek for rhomi, meaning power • Together, these form the core values of Sigma Iota Rho • Honor Society faculty advisor: Vicki Hunter

  3. Membership requirements • Undergraduate membership • have completed course work in international studies including courses in relevant subject areas of anthropology, economics, foreign languages, geography, history, political science, and other related disciplines; • have attained a junior standing and completed at least twenty-one (21) hours of course work toward the International Relations major or minor, including at least two courses at the 3000 or 4000 levels; • have attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher in all courses, and a grade point average of at least 3.3 in international relations courses; • must maintain full-time student status of at least twelve (12) hours to be a voting member or hold an office.

  4. Membership requirements • Honorary membership • Any person of recognized ability and achievement in the field of international relations, or who made an outstanding contribution to Sigma Iota Rho may be elected to become an honorary member. No more than two such members may be elected in any one academic year. Honorary members shall possess all the privileges of active membership except that of being an officer or council member of the corporation.

  5. Membership requirements • Participation requirement for all members • 1. Attendance of all possible general meetings, with only two allowable absences per semester (four per academic year), as determined by the Chapter’s executive committee;2. Attendance of one volunteer event per semester, either as hosted by Sigma Iota Rho or another event as approved by the Chapter's executive;3. Adherence to academic standards of the group and the University of Colorado as a whole.

  6. Explanation of membership fees • $45 • All membership fees are sent to the National Office • Pays for our right to have the title “Sigma Iota Rho” • Pays for membership benefits (listed on next slide) • Any events or receptions are paid for either through SOFO funding or donations from the IAFS department

  7. Membership benefits • Graduation regalia: honor cord or stole and pin • Certificate (everyone needs a certificate or two) • Opportunity to attend conferences at the United Nations, World Bank, and more • Opportunity to receive research and travel grant funding • Opportunity to be published in the Journal of International Relations • Lifelong partnerships and links to a nationally recognized network of other members of Sigma Iota Rho

  8. Membership benefits • Pictured: Honor cord or stole (stole comes at an additional cost and in place of cord), pin, Journal of International Relations, and certificate • (Photo and more information can be found at the Sigma Iota Rho National Website)

  9. Your officers • Amanda Fendrick • IAFS major • Geographic concentration: Africa • Minor in French • Studied abroad in Paris at SciencesPo Spring 2012 • Honors Thesis candidate • Study Abroad Office Peer Advisor (so if you have any questions about study abroad, I’m here for you!) • SIR member since 2011, elected President May 2012

  10. Your officers • James Harmoush • IAFS/Economics Double Major • Geographic concentration: Middle East • Studied abroad in Paris at SciencesPo Spring 2012 • President of Model United Nations • SIR Member since 2011, elected Vice President May 2012

  11. Events- fall semester • Here’s what we were up to last semester: • Informational Meeting for IAFS Freshmen • Shoe Drive with One World Running (for which we collected 150 pairs of shoes) • Induction Ceremony with Director of International Affairs, Robert McKnown • A presentation from Melinda Cain about what to do with an international affairs degree

  12. Events- spring semester • Study Sessions for IAFS Freshmen/Sophomores • Volunteering with the Conference on World Affairs • Induction Ceremony with IAFS faculty • Presentation from the Peace Corps • Presentation from Career Services • Other presentations from relevant IAFS-related groups (open to suggestions!) • Weekly current event discussions • Social events, such as world food events, excursions around Boulder • An election/graduation party at the end of the semester • Volunteering at the IAFS Graduation

  13. Your resources • Our CU Website • • The Facebook Group •

  14. Your resources • My email: amanda.fendrick(at)colorado.eduOR amandafendrick(at) • James’ email: james.harmoush(at) • Group email: alphaetasir(at) • Or, find us on Facebook! (Group name: Sigma Iota Rho: Alpha Eta Chapter (CU Boulder))

  15. How to apply • Two options: fill out an application today (paper copies available after the meeting) OR fill out an application electronically and email it to alphaetasir(at) • Deadline to apply in time for the spring induction ceremony is MARCH 1st (you may still apply after this time but your materials may not arrive in time for the ceremony)

  16. What’s next? • Next meeting: • February 4, 2013 • 6:30-7:30PM • HUMN 180

  17. Thanks for coming!