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The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl

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  1. TheSuperBowl Kyle Viola

  2. Why the Super Bowlhas such a giant social gathering of people The Pregame • Many people enjoy watching all the different singers before the game starts. • There are many activities and events the super bowl will setup for kids. • The national anthem has become a very popular scene before the game. • There are many chances to win prizes if you pay attention to the pre-game commercials. • And the most traditional event that occurs before the Super Bowl is the…

  3. The Flyover

  4. Super Bowl past time • The first championship game, which was named the Super Bowl by Lamar Hunt, was played in 1967, and won by the Green Bay Packers. • The NFL and the AFL merged together in 1970. • The original 13 NFL teams have won 13 more championship games than the AFL teams since the merger. The trophy is named the Lombardi trophy after the great Green Bay Packers coach. • The Super Bowl is watched on television by more people each year than any other show, event, or game in history.

  5. After the big win The Postgame • The postgame is mainly enjoyed by the fans team that has won. • Many people enjoy watching the fireworks, and the postgame interviews. • The Super Bowl trophy is given to the Winning team and the MVP is announced who usually wins a big prize.

  6. Greatest Super Bowl Tradition The Halftime Show • Many fun things occur during the halftime show but the most popular is the live performance. • Last year Bruce Springsteen performed and this years performance will be played by The Who. • The Super Bowl’s halftime show has also run into some controversy in 2004 involving Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

  7. Why thousands of people watch the Super Bowl Commercials • Advertising during commercials for the Super Bowl has become as much an event as the game itself. • People enjoy the humor, the food, the drinks, and all the surprises the Super Bowl commercials offer. • The commercials are also watched to catch new movies, shoes, events, and other surprising news that people can find out.

  8. Fun on Super Bowl Sunday • The Super Bowl is one of the biggest party days of the year. • It’s a great day to get together with your family, or have a party and watch the game with friends. • Super Bowl Sunday is also a very busy day for stores because so many people buy food, drinks, chips, alcohol, and other things for the game.

  9. Another popular Super Bowl event The Parade • The parade is most likely only watched if your team has won the Super Bowl. • It can be exciting for people to watch because there are many live performances and other fun things.

  10. Other fun things people enjoy during the Super Bowl • Non football fans can enjoy things like the celebrities, the cheerleaders, and as mentioned earlier, the commercials. • Many older people love the Super Bowl for one reason, and that’s for gambling. • People like to play pools and try to win a lot of money or other prizes.

  11. How media is involved with the Super Bowl • Media is used very much during the Super Bowl. • Some examples are - The Commercials - The halftime performance and lighting - The instant replays - The different camera angles used - The interviews - The highlights of teams earlier in the year - The music played - And many more different types of media are being used during the Super Bowl

  12. A true Super Bowl tradition The Steelers are the only team in the NFL to win 6 Lombardi trophies.