guidelines for maintaining marketing integrity n.
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Guidelines for Maintaining Marketing Integrity PowerPoint Presentation
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Guidelines for Maintaining Marketing Integrity

Guidelines for Maintaining Marketing Integrity

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Guidelines for Maintaining Marketing Integrity

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  1. Guidelines for Maintaining Marketing Integrity • In 2009, strict budgetary discipline must be maintained. Community, Regional and Divisional budgets have been established; these budgets may not be exceeded at any level without expressed, written approval from the responsible parties (Sales and Ops) at the next level. (NOTE: A special form has been created and is required for requesting additional funds.) • Sales and Operations functions at all levels are jointly responsible for maintaining marketing expenditures within approved budgets and ensuring that requests for creative work and media are submitted in accordance with established protocols. • Communities and Regions are prohibited from contracting with or purchasing media, direct mail or other promotional marketing. All media – print, outdoor and broadcast – may be purchased only by the Media Department within the Creative Group. No exceptions. • The Media Department will also track community budgets as media purchases are made and inform communities/regions/divisions whenever they have insufficient budgets to accommodate an ad or job request. • To protect brand integrity and to comply with graphic standards, all print and broadcast ads, flyers, posters, direct mailers, inserts, brochures and other marketing materials must be requested through and produced by Brookdale Creative Group.

  2. Marketing Budget ManagementApproval Tiers for 2009 Budget Year Co-President & COO Executive Budget Level Any incremental marketing budget increase greater than $50,000 must have written approval from the Co-President & COO. Top Approval Level EVP Ops / SVP Sales Corporate Budget Level Divisions must have approval of EVP Ops and SVP Sales to exceed their division level budgets. However, the approval cap at this level is $50,000. DVP Ops / VP Sales Divisional Budget Level RSMM / RSMD must have DVP Ops and VP Sales approval in writing to exceed allotted budgets for their regions. VP Sales has discretion to move funds between regions without exceeding the Division’s marketing budget. RSMM / RSMD Base Level Budgets RSMM / RSMD, with joint approval from the Regional Ops counterpart, has discretion to move money from one community marketing budget to another, as long as they do not exceed the combined marketing budget in their region.