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Adding Digital to your school Day! PowerPoint Presentation
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Adding Digital to your school Day!

Adding Digital to your school Day!

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Adding Digital to your school Day!

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  1. Adding Digital to your school Day! Little Red Hen Style By Debbie M. West

  2. In General, why blog? • Started in April • Students were excited to write again • Writing at home and on the weekend • Built a sense of community by reading other writing • Weaker writing students started picking up on writing habits that I have modeled all year

  3. I didn’t research and then start blogging, but research does show benefits of blogging! • One survey has reported that some 12 million adolescents aged 12–17 maintain their own blogs in the United States (Lenhart & Madden, 2005). • Students need practice and explicit teaching on how to create a blog. • This population is both self-guided and in need of guidance, and although a willingness to learn new media by point-and-click exploration might come naturally to today’s student cohort, there’s nothing innate about knowing how to apply their skills.... Howard Reingold • Furthermore, a blog does not simply develop com- munication skills. Instead, online communication has become an essential aspect of online reading comprehension (Castek et al., 2007). On the Internet, writing is intrinsically integrated with the reading comprehension process (Castek et al., 2007; Leu et al., 2007).

  4. Research of blogging: • These essential new literacies of online reading comprehension emphasize higher order thinking skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluation (Anderson, 2005; Bloom, 1956; Coiro & Dobler, 2007) and can be practiced through blogging.

  5. I am from dirty diapers and mom saying “CLEAN UP” •  I am from electronics and sport trophies • I am from rich and from bankrupt –I am from my step dad saying “Let’s watch Avatar”. But I am mostly from L-O-V-E and little relatives. • I am from fast food and gum I am from mom saying” Don’t knock it ‘til you try it” • I am from fruit and vegetables I am from sometimes yucky and sometimes delicious cereal and oatmeal. • But I am mostly from pancakes and bacon almost all the time. • I am from 3 big houses and 1 little house—because my parents don’t live together. • I am from tons of relatives and I always get hurt at bad times • I am from lots of “passed on” people I am from tons of pets with countless names But I am mostly from lots of love and being spoiled. • I am from my best friend’s Emily, Madelyn, Hannah, and another Hanna I am from my morning friends Calli, Hallie, Faith, Kayla who also chase boys—but not me. My daddy says not til I am 12. •   I am from my Camp Raider friends Jamey, Torrance, Josie, Ashlyn, and Derrick But I am mostly from my school friends Kaira, Kadreanna, Kayln, Nicole, and many more. • I am from power points and Elmos I am from Prometheans and block class • I am from books and A.R quizzes I am from my GREAT teacher Mrs. West and my crazy Science teacher Mrs. Tenison • I am from being on the honor roll because it makes both my parents happy.

  6. Blogging in the content Areas • Arkansas History taught in May • After teaching the bulk of the AR history lessons, I told the kids were were going to write a story together called “Little Red Hen Makes Rice Krispy Treats”. The Little Red Hen would be traveling all over our great state of Arkansas gathering the materials she would need to make Rice Krispy Treats. • We co-wrote the original story together. • Video: Little Red Hen Makes Rice Krispy Treats

  7. & Looking at LRH Stories from handouts

  8. Our own ADWP blog • On your computer type in • Click log in on top right hand corner • Drop down box—find your name and click • Your password is simply your first name

  9. To start Blog • Add new post—I invite you to write your own Little Red Hen Story using what you know about Arkansas History. You may want to use the new Arkansaskids Website to research your text • After writing the blog, be sure to spell check • Check font—make it readable but what you want • Add picture or media if desired • After you submit your blog, you can feel free to read other Little Red Hen Blogs written by ADWP fellows.

  10. Share time • I’d like to invite you to share your Little Red Hen Arkansas Story. As you listen to people share their stories, feel free to comment on other ADWP fellow blogs. • Thanks and I hope this encourages you to use blogging with your students!