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New Horizon College English

New Horizon College English

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New Horizon College English

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  1. New Horizon College English Book 1 Unit 1

  2. Guideline of this Cause’s learning and teaching • 1. syllabus’ main aims • 2. time allotments of this cause • 3. teacher’s demands • 4.students’ self-learning

  3. Lead-in, Listening to tape, Words and clause Pre-reading activities While-reading activities Text comprehension, Language points, Text structure, Main ideas … Practice works Exercises ! Other demands Self -learning

  4. Pre-reading activities: ① How do you usually learn a foreign language? • Class Learning • Online Learning • Self learning…. ② Do you know what is online learning Have you ever had an online learning experience?

  5. Background Information Online learning Online learning, a form of distance education, refers to learning and other supportive resources that are available through a networked computer.

  6. Books learning

  7. Classroom learning

  8. Online learning

  9. Learn from Classmates and friends

  10. Example of Successful self-learning • 周润发念了三年中学就到社会谋生, 语文基础比较差,拍戏念对白比别人辛苦十倍。 后来,他到美国拍片,在美国生活的时候, 决心学好英语,由最基本的英语发音学起。 首先他跟太太一字一句学,然后再请老师教导, 又时常收看英语频道节目,以增强英语听说能力。 他一边学一边工作,虽然当时已年过四十, 但他终于克服了困难。 • 对此,发哥说:“几年前有中学教科书以我的 经历做教材,我非常惊喜,没想到连小学教科书 都用我来做教材,这真是我的荣幸。” 发哥还说:“我希望香港年轻一代都可以不怕辛苦, 为理想努力,去达到目标,只要有心,我相信任何 困难都不用怕,以前我40岁时才去美国学英文,经过 一年努力,总算能够懂能够听,但学无止境,到今天 我一样会继续进修英语,不敢偷懒。”

  11. 下面几个英语网,有各个方面的,你可以根据自己的情况,参考下面各种学习网站和不同的学习内容: Online causes of this book:普特英语 英语小故事_学习热线 英语词汇记忆法视频讲座4讲 英语小作文网:里面有分类的,大家可以参考

  12. Lead-in Activity 1. What problems do you have in trying to learn English in your middle school? (5 minutes’ group work or pair work)

  13. Listen to the text:

  14. 2. Junior middle school Junior middle school refers to the stage in the Chinese education system which follows primary school and includes years six through nine in the school time sequence. Normally, students are 12 or 13 years of age when they begin the sixth or transition year of junior middle school. In the American system, junior middle school most closely approximates middle school or junior high school in which the beginning or ending years of this period may vary slightly from region to region. The beginning age is about the same as that of junior middle school students in China.

  15. 不同年级大学生的名称: freshman大一新生 sophomore大二学生 junior大三年级学生 senior大学四年级学生

  16. 2. While-reading Activity 1). New Words and Phrases

  17. 1. Reward –联系记忆:rewarding 形容词 值得的,有奖励的 vt.报答, 奖励The father rewarded the little boy for cleaning the room. 小男孩因为打扫了房间而受到父亲的奖励。 n. 报答,奖赏,酬金e.g.: As a reward for passing the exams, she got a new bike from her parents.她因为通过了考试,父母给她买了一辆新自行车作为奖励。E.g. :I hear there is a big reward for the seizing of the thief.我听说为捉拿那小偷设立了重奖。

  18. 2. Frustrate: vt. 1. cause sb. to have feelings of disappointment 使沮丧,使灰心2. cause the failure of sth. 使受挫折 e.g.: The lack of evidence in this case is frustrating the police.1. 警方因缺乏证据而感到很伤脑筋。e.g.: The bad weather frustrated our hopes of going out. 2.坏天气使我们打消了外出的念头。

  19. 4. Opportunity • a good moment or chance for doing sth. 机会,时机 • e.g.: He loved music, but because his family was poor, he had no opportunity to take lessons. 他喜爱音乐,但因家里太穷,他没有机会去学。

  20. 6. Insight 洞察力,深刻见解 --联想记忆:sight 视力,眼界 : n. the act of seeing or understanding something very clearly 1.Visiting the city gave me insight into the lives of the people who live there. 参观了这座城市让我了解那边居民的生活情况。2. The teacher had unusual insight into children's emotions. 这位老师对儿童的情感有不同寻常的了解。

  21. 7. be well worth +名词、动名词:值得做的 e.g.:1. The watch is worth more than the price. 这块表的物超所值。2. Doing morning exercises is worth the time 名词/taking some time. 花点时间做早操是值得的。

  22. 8. keep up with: 跟上,不落后 e.g.: The small child had to run in order to keep up with his big brother. 这小孩为了赶上他哥哥只好跑了起来。

  23. 9. Come across: meet with偶然遇上e.g.: While I was cleaning the house, I came across some old baby pictures of my father that I had never seen before. 在打扫房间时,我偶然发现了几张过去从来未见过的,我父亲还是婴儿时的老照片。

  24. 10. participate in: take part in 参与,参加 e.g.: We are expected to participate actively in English class. e.g.: In high school she participated in several sports. 在高中时,她参加过好几项运动项目。

  25. Reap my benefits: • Reap 习惯用语: • ①reap as [what] one has sown (=As a man sows so he shall reap)种瓜得瓜; 种豆得豆 自食其果 • ② reap where one has not sown不劳而获

  26. underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. • Para.1: Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. • Para. 2: My experience with learning a foreign language in junior school was very happy. • Para. 3: My experience in senior school was frustrating and unhappy. • Para. 4: The situation changed in college, but it was far from perfect. • Para. 5: I was offered an opportunity to study English through an online course. • Para. 6: Online learning is not easier than regular classroom study. • Para. 7: I practiced all the time. • Para. 8: Learning a foreign language has been a most trying experience for me, but one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  27. 2). Language Point 1. Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. (Para.1) Meaning: Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult things to do but it was most worth doing in my life. 2. Although at times, learning a language was frustrating, it was well worth the effort. (Para.1) : Although sometimes learning a language is disappointing, but it was rewarding.

  28. Language Point 2  Because of the positive method, I eagerly answered all the questions I could, never worrying about making mistakes. (Para.2 ) Meaning: Because of the effective and helpful method, I was very willing to answer all the questions I could, and I never worried about making mistakes.

  29. 3. Positive a. 1. leading to a practical action 积极的,肯定的e.g.: positive advice positive thinking/ attitude…2. sure, having no doubt 确实的,明确的e.g. :It seems unlikely to me, but she seemed very positive. 这在我看来似乎是不可能的,但她却非常肯定。

  30. HOWEVER 副词:无论如何,然而,不过 连词:不论怎样 I tried hard in listening to her, however(连词), she made me confused at last. However(副词), the situation was far from perfect. (Para.4) :

  31. While my former teacher had been patient with all the students, but my new teacher quickly punished those who gave incorrect answers. (para.3) • While :conjunction.转折连词 在主句和从句中,一般用在主句里,或句子开头,用来表示转折意义。

  32. Language Point 4 Not onlydidI lose my joy in answering questions, but I also lost my desire to say anything at all in English. (Para. 3)

  33. Not only doI need you, but he also need you. • Not only (Only)…否定词开头的句子:句子主语和谓语要倒装,为的是强调作用。后面的分句不用倒装。 • 如:1.Not only did we enjoy the film, but we also had a wonderful time. 我们不仅看了电影,而且玩得很痛快。 • 2. Only in this way can you hope to finish the work at the end of this month. 只有用这种方法你才有望在月底之前完成这项工作。

  34. last long 持续很久 • Did not last long 不久以后

  35. Unlike my senior middle school teacher, ... (Para.4) • : unlike:介词 (prep.)different from 与…不同 • Unlike me, my son Mike likes get up early. • He was firm and brave unlike other men she knew.

  36. The situation was far from perfect, though. • Be far from… 远不是… ,表否定

  37. Language Point 3 it requires much time, commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the course. (Para. 6) Meaning: ... and online learning requires that we give much time and attention to it and learn or work in a controlled way, so that we can keep up with the progress of the course.1.commitment: n. a promise to follow certain beliefs or certain course of actions He felt he didn't have to make such a commitment to Mary. 他觉得自己没必要对玛丽作出这样的许诺。I don't want to get married because I don't want any commitments. 我不想结婚,因为我不想承担任何责任。

  38. 5. Access--- 联想记忆:get/have/obtain access to sth./place.. n. 1. [U] means or right of using, reaching 接近,进入The people in the school have access to that computer lab for free. 在这个学校里的人可以免费使用那间电脑室。2. means of entering or a way in通道,入口That is the only means of access to the building. 这是通向大楼的惟一通道。

  39. 2. discipline:Discipline is very important for any kind of scientific research. 自制对于任何科研工作而言都很重要。When the fire broke out, the students showed good discipline. 火灾发生时,这些学生表现出良好的纪律性。

  40. 19. Learning a foreign language has been a most trying experience for me, but one that I wouldn't trade for anything. (Para. 8) • : Learning a foreign language has been an experience full of difficulties, but I wouldn't exchange it for anything else.    • 21. Talking with people is one of my favorite activities, ... (Para. 8) • : Talking with people is one of the activities I like best, ...

  41. Language Point 5 Now that I speak a foreign language, instead of staring into space when English is being spoken, I can participate and make friends. (Para. 8) Meaning: As I can speak a foreign language, I can take part in the conversation and make friends, and I no longer look into the distance when someone is speaking English. now that conj. 连词 ,既然,由于… Now that John has arrived, we can begin our English class.既然约翰来了,我们可以开始上英语课了。

  42. Language Point 6 I am able to reach out to others and bridge the gap between my language and culture and theirs. (Para. 8) Meaning: I am able to communicate with others and make smaller the differences between my language and culture and theirs.reach out to: communicate with; contact 联系With the introduction of the Internet, we can reach out to our friends by e-mail. 由于因特网的使用,我们可以通过电子邮件与朋友联系。reach out for: try to get 拿到,抓住You must reach out for any opportunity that comes your way. 你必须抓住所遇到的任何机遇。

  43. 3. Post-reading Activity

  44. 1. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. Positive, frustrate, intimidate, access ,commitment, minimum, discipline, embarrass, reap, insight, Participate , assignment 1). John was going to __________Mary by telling his friends how much weight she had gained.

  45. 2. ________is essential to a successful scientist; he cannot hope to make any progress if he cannot work in a controlled way. 3. With the coming of the Internet, young people have ________to the most recent events that happen in the world.

  46. 4. It's no use just telling me to do it; suggest some _______ways to do it 5. He made a ________to let all children learn English, but he soon found it impossible without an online course.

  47. 6. Don't give students problems they can't understand as this will only___________them. 7. The boss tried to ________his men about striking by telling them he would fire them. 8. He wished to have the opportunity of participating________ preparing for the sports meet.

  48. Reading skills: word meanings • 找出生词的意义,有以下几种方法: 1. 根据题目已给出的定义(definition)确定; • e.g.: Desalination, or the removal of salt from seawater, is a method of providing fresh water for use.

  49. 2. 根据题干中列举的例子推断新词词义,例子推断题通常会出现such as, for example, for instance, including 等等 列举例子的词: • E.g.: As they moved westward, they faced many adversities, such as extreme weather and loneliness.

  50. 3. 根据上下文出现的同义词(synonyms)或反义词(antonyms)推断句中生词: • E.g.: Cell phones have became ubiquitous: you can see and hear them everywhere.