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Laird Technologies MMP PowerPoint Presentation
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Laird Technologies MMP

Laird Technologies MMP

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Laird Technologies MMP

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  1. April 2008 Laird Technologies MMP

  2. The Laird Group PLC Overview • Founded in mid 1800’s • Headquartered in London, UK • Quoted on the London Stock Exchange (symbol LARD) and a member of the FTSE 250 index • Employer of 10,000+ people in North America, Europe and Asia • 2006 revenue of approximately $1200 million

  3. Founded in mid 1990’s Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA Annual revenue almost $1B dollars Over 10,000 employees globally in engineering, manufacturing and sales Industry Business Units: Handset Automotive Datacom I&I Consumer Laird Technologies

  4. Worldwide Locations 50 sites around the world 10,000 employees Not all sites are represented in this graphic. Some sites are close together

  5. Family Tree 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 Magnes

  6. The Laird Technologies Mission “To be the leader in design and supply of customized performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.”

  7. Revenue Distribution Revenue by Origin Revenue by Destination

  8. Revenue Splits - 2007

  9. Strategy • Technology leadership in all products offered • Direct support for global and large OEM programs • Broad market coverage • Broad product line within business units • Local manufacturing and engineering • Low cost producer of high volume products • Add complementary product lines global solutions: local support

  10. Core Competencies • Bias for action – speed of response • Global footprint • Key customer access and relationships • Broad product line to same customers • Ability to bundle technology – “convergence products” • RF design • Identifying, buying, integrating niche segments of high margin, customized electronics components and systems

  11. Serving a Diverse Range of Leading Global Companies

  12. MMP (Mobile Metal Products) Handset Products Technologies Manufacturing Sites Program Support Structure Topics Today

  13. Mobile Metal Products Board Level Shielding Combo Products Decorative / Visual Metals MAP (Hinges) MMP

  14. Technical CharacteristicsBoard Level Shielding • Surface Mount Shield Options • 2 Piece pre-assembled frame and cover (Tin Plate CRS not available as cover will reflow to frame) • 2 Piece system surface mount frame with manually installed cover • Multi-Compartmental Shields replace multiple single shields • 1 Piece Surface Mount Shields • Formed and Drawn technologies • 1 Piece Shield w/ Tear-Away Feature (EZ Peel / Pop-Top) • Surface Mount Clips with BLS and MIP shield (EcE and TPE types)

  15. Tin Plated Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) – Cheapest option Nickel Silver Stainless Steel Tin Plated Tin Plate Phos bronze ALL materials used are RoHs compliant Materials used for BLS

  16. Board Interface contacts Shielding of various functions Cellular Handsets

  17. Surface Mount Contact (SMC) – Standard or Custom Designs EMI Product Portfolio FEA of Design Standard Contacts Packaged in Tape and Reel for Automatic Placement on SMT Lines Custom Contacts Packaged in Tape and Reel for Automatic Placement on SMT Lines Custom Contacts

  18. BLS Manufacturing Technology Objectives -Deliver High Quality Parts at the Lowest Cost • Match system productivity to program size • Implement Technologies that maximize yields • In-line and In-Die secondary operations • Technologies to reduce material usages • Real-time Quality Assurance and Quality Control • Match tool life to program size (15m to 100m)

  19. System Approach • Feeder • Press • Washer • Labeling • Inspection • Packaging • Other automated operations • Laser welding • Tapping • Pin insertion • Assembly

  20. In-die and In-Line Assembly In-die Assy. • 100-300 pieces/min. • High die Cost • Carbide technology • 8-12 week tool lead-time • >98% yield • >50m die life In-line Assy. • 100-180 pieces/min. • Low die cost • Modular • 4 week tool lead-time • >96% yield • >15m die life

  21. 100% Automated Co-planarity Inspection AOI PEG

  22. Combo Products • Combo (MCS) Drawn Frames with Molding [TPE or Conductive Silicone] • LT has the internal ability to produce complex metal stampings and insert molded parts. • Molding can be TPE or EcE Simulation of Draw Forming Drawn Part Molded Part

  23. Location Capabilities

  24. Chicago, IL. (Business Development) Stockholm, Sweden (Business Development) Liberec, Czech Republic (Manufacturing) Tianjin, China (Manufacturing BLS and Combo) Reynosa, Mexico Shanghai, China (Business Development, Manufacturing) Chennai, India (BLS Manufacturing) San Jose, CA (Business Development) Shenzhen, China (Business Development, Manufacturing Decorative Metals)


  26. Exterior metals to a customer application. Typically has a class 1 finish. May be plated, colored, etch, etc. Provides ASTHETIC appeal to end customer product Can also be an enclosure for the application What is a decorative metal?

  27. Metal Bases SS stamping/drawing Al stamping/drawing Electroforming Ti stamping/drawing Die casting Extrusions Decorative Finishing Technologies Laser decoration Electro-polish Anodizing Diamond cutting Plasma Vapor Deposition of metals and finishes Electro-deposition Chrome, Gold, other platings Painting Ni/Cr free coatings Areas of Technology Development ALL Possible either internal or through supply

  28. Visual Metals Key LT- Current LT - Vendor LT- Planned 2008 Simple Decoration Sand Blast Core Decoration Tech. Laser decoration PVD PVD MAM Core Tech. Stainless Steel Aluminum Titanium Mg Die-cast Polishing Painting Painting Painting Anodizing Anodizing Gold plating Laser welding Photo Etch Mesh forming Electro-polish Diamond cutting Silver plating Electro deposition Chrome plating Hairline brush Teflon coating

  29. Visual Metal & Hinge Market Roadmap 1H08 2H08 1H09 2H10 Computing Platforms Handset Network Infrastructure Digital Imaging

  30. New Clean Room Layout for Decorative Metals (LT- Shenzhen) Painting Line 1

  31. Process: Al 6061 , stamping, polishing, anodizing, bright surface cutting.

  32. Process: SUS304 BA, stamping, electro polishing, selective Hairline.

  33. Process: SUS304 BA, stamping, polishing, Hairline, PVD, Laser marking.

  34. Process: SUS304 BA, stamping, electro polishing, selective Hairline.

  35. Process: SUS304 BA, stamping, 3 coatings, soft touch.

  36. Laser Coloring on Stainless Steel Decorative Metals

  37. Complex Forming Electro Polishing Decorative Metals

  38. Additional “colors” Process: Sus304 BA, stamping, polishing, PVD (Black, Silver, golden)

  39. LCD Flip Retainer Part is: Stamped from stainless steel Electro polished Selectively colored electro coated (selectivity allows for surface conductivity of grounding finger). Decorative Metals back side

  40. Mg die casting + Passivation + Cu plating + Powder coating

  41. Mg die casting + Passivation + Cu plating + bright Cr plating + PVD

  42. Mg die casting + Passivation + Cu plating + dull Cr plating + PVD

  43. Speaker mesh Wire mesh plus Chrome plating

  44. Speaker Details Photo Etching, secondary forming, electro polishing

  45. Speaker mesh Wire mesh plus Chrome plating

  46. SIM Tray Stamping + ED coating + laser etching

  47. Camera Bezel Process: SUS316L,stamping, Photo Etching, stamping, electro polishing, Etch.

  48. Display Bezel Process: Sus304 BA, stamping, polishing, PVD (Black), Laser.

  49. MAP (Hinges)

  50. Mechanical Actuated Products Hinges provides handheld devices the ability to fold, rotate or slide to allow access to screens or keypads. These capabilities are key aspects to allow these devices to become smaller now and in the future MAP comes from 2007 Acquisition of M2Sys, a Korean company. MAP