boot camp 101 pack up ship out your civies put on your uniform n.
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Boot Camp 101 (Pack Up & Ship Out Your Civies- Put On Your Uniform!) PowerPoint Presentation
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Boot Camp 101 (Pack Up & Ship Out Your Civies- Put On Your Uniform!)

Boot Camp 101 (Pack Up & Ship Out Your Civies- Put On Your Uniform!)

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Boot Camp 101 (Pack Up & Ship Out Your Civies- Put On Your Uniform!)

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  1. Boot Camp 101(Pack Up & Ship Out Your Civies- Put On Your Uniform!) 27 April 2014

  2. Hebrews 3:7 – 4:16 The Faith-Rest Life “Sword” – machaira– introduced by the Romans, it was one of the most ingenious inventions of warfare of its day. The blade of the machaira was usually only 18 inches long. Anyone could handle it, for it was light & maneuverable. It was perfectly balanced – it would never leave the user off-balance or vulnerable. It not only had a very sharp point, but both edges were sharp also – every bit of it was useable. When you get ready to start using your weapon, you had better be prepared for some pretty powerful results! You’ll blast yourself out of existence if you don’t watch out!

  3. Ephesians 6:17 Chin strap – portrays the eternal security of every believer in union with Christ. “and” kai– also; and. “the sword” machaira(nom. sing. fem.) - see above (Hebrews 4:12). “of the Spirit” ablative of source of pneuma– “from the source of the (Holy) Spirit.” “is” present active indicative of eimi– “which keeps on being.” “the Word” rhēma– (no article – emphasizes essence; character) “doctrine.”

  4. Ephesians 6:17 “logos ” – emphasizes the Scripture as a whole. “rhēma” – emphasizes individual portions & doctrines. “of God” – ablative of source – “from the source of God.” When does the Machaira become an offensive weapon? • As long as it remains in its scabbard, suspended from the left side of the belt, its power to devastate the enemy is but potential. • In order to become effective in the believer’s life, the doctrines contained in the Word of God must be taken from the printed page & transferred into the Christian’s soul. • Doctrine must become resident (at home) in the soul before it is usable in the life. Rhema emphasizes this point.

  5. Ephesians 6:17 • Stored in its scabbard, the Sword of the Spirit just has potential power – unsheathed, this Super Weapon becomes your personal property & allows you to assume the offensive in spiritual combat. • But, it takes skill to use the Machaira. The Roman soldier spent long hours in sword practice. To him the sword was but an extension of the wrist; he had to learn the correct use of his wrist; he must develop agility of elbow & shoulder; he must develop expert footwork; he must know where to aim his thrusts. • All this took time & discipline. • A well-trained Roman soldier was worth 25 to 50 Barbarians in battle. The Barbarians averaged 6’ to 7’ tall (as compared to the average Roman of 5’6’’ to 5’8’’; & were obviously physically stronger than the Romans – yet the Machaira more than made up the difference. • The Roman soldier stood his ground; he was never thrown off balance; his maneuverability in combat was phenomenal; his thrusting ability remained unhampered.

  6. Ephesians 6:17 Since the sword is the offensive weapon – the sword from the Spirit is doctrine from God which must be transferred to the soul before it can become usable. The sword is the offensive weapon, but only as the sword resides in your soul. The believer cannot take the offensive until they possess maximum doctrine in the soul. Bible doctrine becomes resident (at home) in your soul through the daily function of the intake of the Word of God (using the Grace Apparatus for Perception [GAP]).

  7. Ephesians 6:17 Therefore, “from the source of the Spirit” refers to the ministry of God the Holy Spirit in the function of GAP. Only doctrine in the soul of the believer takes the offensive against the demonic forces of evil. Only by means of offensive action can victory be gained while we are on the earth.

  8. Ephesians 6:17 The tactical victory of the angelic conflict is maximum doctrine in the soul, resulting in Super Grace (SG) status – SG believers handle the sword the best – it takes skill. For Super Grace see James 4:6 – “greater” is meizōn– greater; stronger; super. The believer takes the offensive by positive volition toward Bible doctrine.

  9. Ephesians 6:10-18 • Principles for every area of life – • The defensive is no good for combat. • The best thing the defensive can do is to avoid defeat. • The Royal Family was not designed for defeat – therefore, the offensive should always be our goal. • Defense always destroys a people. • About all defense is good for is to buy time until you can crank up a good offense. • Fortune favors the brave (aggressive). • Victory in warfare does not depend entirely upon numbers or mere courage – only skill & discipline will ensure it (but it must always be skill & discipline for the offensive).