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# 10 A Bargain

TOP 10 REASONS SAN GABRIEL TENNIS CLUB is the Best! Why I love SGTC! Sandy Lee Dec. 6, 2008 Holiday Party. # 10 A Bargain. $30 for a whole year’s membership! 5 hrs/week X 52 weeks/year divided by $30 is only 8 cents per hour !!! Always a court available!

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# 10 A Bargain

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  1. TOP 10 REASONS SAN GABRIEL TENNIS CLUB is the Best! Why I love SGTC!Sandy Lee Dec. 6, 2008 Holiday Party

  2. # 10 A Bargain • $30 for a whole year’s membership! 5 hrs/week X 52 weeks/year divided by $30 is only 8 cents per hour!!! • Always a court available! • Public but private, 9 tennis courts for our tournaments. • Thank You, Raul Castillo, SG High School & the City of San Gabriel! • Great lunches after Tournaments. • And most importantly, if it rains, we have sweeper Takashi at hand!

  3. #9 Family • “The Best Thing to spend on your family is TIME” • Play tennis with your spouse, children, dad, mom, brother, sister, grandkids …. • Compete with & against them. • When the kids get older, parents, be prepared to lose!

  4. # 8 Networking • Hector & Queta, Hugh & Gloria helped pick out today’s lunch menu dishes! • Masako, Yayomi, Haruko,Takashi, & Yoshi gave me tips for my Japan trip. • Angela & Philip Yang, Tommy Chu & many others suggested Chinese dishes to eat in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, such as “drunken shrimp”.

  5. Takashi, fantastic photo slide show! • Someone always knows a bunch about something I want to know (my own personal internet Google service). • If you want to know anything about Hawaii, I can share some “Aloha Spirit” with you!

  6. # 7 Competitive Tennis • The thrill of winning! No guts, no glory! Go for it! • Tournaments with our own SGTC members & other Tennis Clubs. • Varied, creative tennis tourney formats. • Striving to improve our strokes, strategy, & mental toughness.

  7. # 6 Tennis Tournaments Intra-Club 2008 Tennis Tournaments Feb. Love Tournament (Tony Law Coordinator) July Port Hueneme Getaway (Gail Begerow Coordinator) Aug. Last Days of Summer (Amber Marsden & Tony Law Coordinators) Nov. Turkey Tussle (Tony Law Coordinator)

  8. Inter-Club 2008 Tennis Tournaments Julia Mo – Head Tennis Coordinator April Monterey Park Tennis Club (Shirley Woo Coordinator) May Temple City Tennis Club (Tommy Chu Coordinator) May Monterey Park Tennis Club (Shirley Woo Coordinator) Oct Arcadia Tennis Club (Martin Law Coordinator)

  9. # 5 No Pressure • I can sleep in Sunday morning and start whenever I want to! • Every Sunday, I can play or not play. I can even skip playing on Sunday! • Unlike USTA League matches, I don’t have to win! I can lose if I don’t feel like winning! • I can even be my lazy self and just chit chat on the sidelines and watch everyone else get hot & sweaty! • Scramble Day is for socializing & getting to know members you may not know!

  10. # 4 Fun and Laughter • Get to talk to myself constantly while I’m playing and irritate everyone else! • Laugh so much my asthma kicks in. • Stress relieving – will live longer (I have a life other than work!) • Young vs Old! Health, strong, quick vs experience, strategy, guile, and lots of body parts & muscle prone injured tennis players. • Just plain “Good Fun”, as they say in Hawaii. Get to “Hang Loose” and enjoy the sun and great weather!

  11. # 3 Friends For Life This is a very special Tennis club It’s all about the people…. • Warm, caring, accepting, and friendly club members. I can be myself! • Longtime members Cheryl, Jerry, Rick, Steve Yip, Howard, Augie, Gil, Charlie, Larie, Frank, Pete, Kathy, Jeremy. • Meet new tennis players & make new friends!

  12. New members for 2008 Angela Kwok Kumi Shinomiya John & Suzanne Machikawa Duke Leong Sudhir Jategaonkar Chuck Liu Howard Luong Venkat Kasthuri Sona Chui Andres Gonzalez Paul & Mary Hao Victor Wong Glen Huang & Vivien Feng Betty Gomez Julie & Kenneth Chan Tac Vong Ben Louie Edward Lee Angie Patruno Lucy Lu Nilay Hazari Tommy & Samantha Wong (returning members)

  13. # 2 Lessons Learned • In a former life, Angela Yang did standup comedy. • Isabel, Gloria, Yayomi are super party organizers! • Gail has a repertoire of fun games for us to play & beautiful, helpful granddaughters! • Don’t play against Sandy when she’s hungry! • Watch out for all around players like Tommy Wong, Rollie, Yosh, Tac, & Hugh who can drop, slice, smash, serve, volley and stroke the ball like the pros.

  14. Don’t lob Eddie or Martin short – duck & cover. Be prepared to go get the ball on the court behind you. Hector & Queta reminders: Come on time to Scramble Day & record your scores – or else!! Warning! Chi Lin, John Machikawa, Masako Naito are human ball machines.

  15. More Lessons Learned • Tony Law, remember! Shopping at Walmart at 4 am, 3 hours before our tennis tournament buying prizes & tennis balls, will lead to sleep deprivation! • Anna brings the paper goods, the coffee, the tables, and whatever needs to be brought, she brings. But the most important thing she brings is LOVE. Sometimes it’s tough love or 40-love or Love-All.

  16. More Lessons • Don’t schedule the Holiday party during the 1st Saturday of December during the day (USC/UCLA football game). • Hugh has a wicked slice! • If Sandy’s serve were any slower, it would be retired. • Tennis Coordinators, Beware! Not all husbands & wives want to partner together!

  17. # 1 2008 SGTC Board Members Sandy Lee, President Hugh Blunden, Vice President Masako Hunt, Secretary Martin Law, Treasurer Eddie Trieu, Co-Social Olga Panasenco, Co-Social Tony Law, Intra-Club Tennis Coordinator Julia Mo, Inter-Club Tennis Coordinator Gail Begerow, Special Events Coordinator Anna Gee Unofficial Board Member who does everything! Hector & Queta Garcia Scramble Coordinators

  18. And that’s whySan Gabriel Tennis Club is No. 1 And I love SGTC! Sandy

  19. New Board Members 2009 President Martin Law Vice-President Chi Lin Secretary/WebSite Sandy Lee Treasurer Tony Wong Co-Social Eddie Trieu & Angela Kwok IntraClub Tennis Coordinator Tony Law InterClub Tennis Coordinator John Machikawa Special Events Coordinator Gail Begerow Scramble Co-Coordinators Haruko Hosokawa & Chi Lin Most Valuable “Board Member” Anna Gee


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