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  1. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III POLITICAL PARTY- An organizationof VOTERS who shareSIMILARIDEAS on how the country should be run. THE PURPOSE is to: RUN CANDIDATES/WIN ELECTIONS! • Provide Leadership • Guide public policy • Provide Info. to Gov’t people • Encourage participation

  2. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III Our TWO Parties SYSTEM is: BROAD BASED- Anyone can join. DECENTRALIZED- Bottom up Leadership they train the “BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST” CENTRIST- Appeal to the middle. Ideology left or right but speak to moderates. BROKER PARTY-Say what ever to broker a vote, not about a mission just VOTES.

  3. Political Parties outline their positions in two ways. 2. PLANK- A Policy Statement on one issue. Candidate Ex. Tax Cuts to the Business Ex. Universal Health Care 1.PLATFORM-GOALS and PRINCIPLES of the PARTY. VOTERS

  4. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III 1.PLATFORM- GOALS and PRINCIPLES of the PARTY. Democrat-Gov’t Action /Helping Hand Republican- Private Action/Boot strap 2. PLANK-A Policy Statement on one issue. • Ex. Tax Cuts to the Business- REP. • Ex. Universal Health Care-DEM.

  5. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III • What is the primary GOAL of the two Political Parties? • Give an example of a PLANK of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. • Give an example of a PLANKof the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

  6. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III PLATFORMS DemocratRepublican Gov’t Action Private Action PLANKS Agriculture Favor subsidies Gov’t hands off Economic Gov’t spend Fewer Taxes Policy (New Deal) (Hooverville) Education Increase Fed. State/local gov. spending responsible NCLB

  7. PLATFORMS DemocratRepublican Gov’t Action Private Action PLANKS Labor Laws to benefit Oppose labor, increase to increase in minimum wage minimum wage Business Increase taxes Lower taxes greater regs. Fewer regs. Social Prog. Spend more to Oppose spending to help those in on social programs need

  8. Democrats Republican PLANKS EnergyAlternate sources “Drill baby Drill” wind, solar, nuclear S/D control $ Trade Protectionism Free Trade high tariffs no tariffs

  9. NEW TRENDS in VOTING STRAIGHT TICKET Vs SPLIT TICKET *More voters today use Split Ticket in voting.

  10. SPLIT TICKET -A voter CHOOSECANDIDATES from two or more DIFFERENT PARTIES. EX. A voting for a Republican President and a Democratic Governor. STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET-A voter CHOOSESCANDIDATES based on their PARTY affiliation. Ex. I vote only Democrat, regardless of who is running.

  11. ELECTORAL SUPPORT • Republican: GOP • Symbol- Elephant • Wealthy • Elderly • Conservative • Southern • Mid-Western • Rural [farm] • Suburban • Business • Higher education (Master’s Level) • Democrat: • Symbol- Donkey • Less Fortunate • Minority ~ Immigrant • 18-24 year old • Urban [city] • Lower Educated • Union • Doctoral Level/Educators • West Coast • Northeast • Environmentalists

  12. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III • DATE ___ Party Section Person Platform FederalistNorth Hamilton Strong/business • 1790 Anti FedsSouth Jefferson Weak/ Agriculture • REPUBLICAN NORTHLincoln Anti-Extension 1865 • DEMOCRAT SOUTH Douglas Pro-Slavery • 1935 Democrats N & S FDR New Deal DEMOCRATS North Kennedy/LBJ Civil Rights • 1965 End of Segregation • REPUBLICAN South Nixon • Democrats North Gore Social Change • 2000 • Republican South GW Bush TAX CUTS Democrats NORTH OBAMA • 2008 Change • Republican South MC CAIN REALIGNMENT

  13. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III REALIGNMENT- A long term SHIFT in VOTING PATTERNS from one Party to another. During the Civil Right Movement of the 60’s the southern states (Solid South) realigned to the Republican Party up until then had voted primarily Democrat. SOLID SOUTH-Southern states that have historically VOTED AS A BLOCK. SC, GA, AL, MS and up until 2008 NC.

  14. POLITICAL PARTIES UNIT III Go to Look back to 1790 and watch the parties and colors change. Color in the Electoral College Map based on the 2008 Election Results. BLUE- BARACK OBAMA RED-JONH MC CAIN