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3 rd grade

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3 rd grade

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  1. 3rd grade Mrs. Pudenz Ms. Tedrow Mrs. Kahler

  2. What do we teach in 3rd Grade? Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop, Math Workshop all follow the same model: 1 Mini-lesson 2 Composing 3 Reflection

  3. Word Work • Research shows that children progress through developmental stages in reading, writing, and spelling. The Words Their Way program uses hands on experiences to help students see and sort words by common patterns. Through word study, students examine, manipulate, and categorize words. • Each week, your child will receive a word sort with two or four patterns. Students will cut apart their word cards on Monday and do various activities such as sorting based on category, writing sentences, blind sort, illustrations and word hunts the rest of the week.

  4. assessments • Standards define areas taught- ongoing assessments acknowledge student growth and progress. • A letter will be sent home at the beginning of each quarter to show where students are expected to be by the end of that quarter. • Initial skill isn’t “averaged” in- focused on where the child ends up- not where he/she started. • Grades are on a 4-3-2-1 scale • Mid-terms: There will be mid-terms coming home each quarter that indicate your child’s progress.

  5. Standardized tests • In Third Grade, students take a few standardized tests: • STAR: STAR Reading and STAR Math are taken to measure student growth in the areas of reading and mathematics. These tests are taken on the computer several times (at least 4) throughout the year. This test gets progressively harder. • Acuity: The Acuity test is a predictive test for our state testing in May (previously MAP testing, now Smarter Balance). We will take Acuity 3 times throughout the year. This test gets progressively harder and students can score: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, or Advanced. • State Testing: 3rd Grade is the first year students take our state standardized test. This test is formerly known as the MAP test, and will now be called “Smarter Balance”. It is aligned with Common Core State Standards and will occur in the spring.


  7. MY CLASSROOM PROCEDURES • The Responsibility folder will be used as our school and home communication tool. Please help teach your child the responsibilities of their folder and work. • Homework will be assigned on Monday and due on Fridays. • Attendance is crucial. Please help me by making sure your child is here every day • Leader In Me • Binders: Setting Goals • Positive Behavior Support • Classroom Jobs/ Leadership Opportunities

  8. VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS • If you would like to visit your child’s classroom to observe, bring birthday treats, volunteer or visit with the teacher, please make prior arrangements with the teacher(all treats brought to school must be store bought and not homemade, with no nuts). • Birthday treats: You are welcome to enjoy birthday treats with your child in the cafeteria during lunch. • Lunch: we ask that you sign in as a visitor in the office. Your child will be notified that you have arrived and will stop by the office on their way to lunch. Our lunch begins at 12:47.

  9. Beginning and end of day • Please keep transportation arrangements consistent. The safety of our students is a priority. Maintaining a consistent mode of after school transportation assists us with student safety. • If an emergency arises and you must chance your child’s end of the day transportation, please do so by contacting the office by 3:00p.m. • Questions regarding bus transportation (bus stops, bus numbers, routes or concerns, may be directed to First Student at 741-4023.

  10. communication • Contact Me: • Megan Pudenz • (816)359-6964 • • Amber Kahler • (816) 359-6809 • • Emily Tedrow • (816) 359-6055 • • I will check my emails and voicemails before school and after school everyday. I will return all messages within 24 hours. • Daily Emails: • As you have already noticed, I send out a daily email about the day’s events. Please let me know if you would like to add your email to our daily email list.

  11. Parent/student handbook

  12. Code of conduct

  13. Thank you for coming!