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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology.

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Instructional Technology

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  1. Instructional Technology

  2. “ …. created a flat world: a global, web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work, irrespective of time, distance, geography and increasingly, language.” At the very moment this platform emerged, three huge economies materialized -- those of India, China and the former Soviet Union --“and three billion people who were out of the game, walked onto the playing field.” --- Friedman

  3. Web 2.0

  4. v

  5. Web 2.0 • Blogs • Podcasts • Wikis • Social bookmarking • Social networks (Facebook, Ning, etc.) • Twitter • Youtube • Flikr • Etc. ….

  6. Open Movement

  7. Open Software • Audacity • Open Office • Ubuntu • Glimp • Etc. …

  8. Mobile Technologies • PDAs • iPhones • Cellphones • iPods, mp3, mp4 players • Netbooks

  9. Summary • Flat world/classroom • Web 2.0 • Serious gaming • The Horizon Report • Open movement • Mobile technologies

  10. Are computers and other technologies going to revolutionize the way English is learned and taught? • Can technologies replace the teacher? • Are teachers and students in Armenia aware of computer and other technologies? If they are not how can they be informed about it? • Is Armenian society ready for the changes, namely integrating computer and other technologies in education? • At the course level, how can we use technologies to enhance their EFL and technological literacy? • Scenarios of schools that have differing technological capacities: how to move them forward? • If we want to move Armenia towards more technologically literate society, how do we proceed with this task? What should be the priorities?

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