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Student Recreation Center: Risk analysis

Student Recreation Center: Risk analysis . Javier Parra Brendan Knott Justin Waltz Alec Eggerton. Overview. 3 Basketball Courts 3 Racquetball Courts Dance Room Indoor Track Weight Room Climbing Wall Stationary Equipment . Availability. Year Round Availability Excluding Holidays

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Student Recreation Center: Risk analysis

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  1. Student Recreation Center: Risk analysis Javier Parra Brendan Knott Justin Waltz Alec Eggerton

  2. Overview • 3 Basketball Courts • 3 Racquetball Courts • Dance Room • Indoor Track • Weight Room • Climbing Wall • Stationary Equipment

  3. Availability • Year Round Availability • Excluding Holidays • Uses • Recreational activity • Intramurals • Self Defense • Dance • Events • Play for Brian • Freshmen Dance • Laser Tag • Relay for Life • Rotc • Club Practices

  4. Risk #1/Turn Styles Financial Treatment: Invest in the turn styles, so they stay up to date and working properly Reduction Treatment: Always have a staff member up front near the turn styles checking I.D.’s, only allowing members in Legal Implication: The University could be held liable if something were to happen to anyone who is not a member Potential Incident: Non member get severely hurt playing basketball, they can sue the school. (they didn’t have to sign all the documentation saying the schools not held liable for injuries)

  5. Membership Applications

  6. Risk #2/Maintain Clean Equipment Financial Treatment: Make sure you have the proper cleaning products/ and sufficient inventory Reduction Treatment: Placing signs notifying the equipment users they should clean machines after use/reliable staff that cleans equipment daily Legal Implication: Could get sued for not maintaining proper cleanliness Potential Incident: A member could catch a disease or fungal infection after using unsanitary equipment

  7. Daily Tasks Sheet

  8. Risk #3/Having proper equipment Financial Treatment: Replacing old equipment and broken equipment Reduction Treatment: Using signs when equipment is broken notifying the user/legal contract with Advantage Sport and Fitness: where all the rec’s equipment comes from Legal Implications: Sue for negligence, for not putting sign up on faulty equipment Potential Incident: outdated bar snaps while bench pressing, injuring a member

  9. Risk #4/Up to date climbing equipment Financial Treatment: Purchasing adequate climbing equipment Reduction Treatment: Mandated daily and weekly checks on all climbing equipment, testing ropes and getting rid of faulty ones, check all bolts and anchors as well as quick draws Legal Implications: Product liability/negligence - could sue for unsafe products. Potential Incident: member could fall because of unchecked equipment/ old unusable equipment

  10. Climbing wall liability form

  11. Risk #5/Signs are being utilized Financial Treatment: Purchasing signs for proper functions (wet floor, out of use, put equipment away when done) Reduction Treatment: Having proper staff that knows when to put out signs and take them down Legal Implications: if signs are not put out at the proper time, could be held liable for negligence Potential Incident: While playing basketball a player runs out of bounds onto wet floor, slips and injuries him/herself

  12. Risk #6/Adequate Staff Financial Treatment: Having the funds for proper amount of staff that is paid on a hourly wage Reduction Treatment: Training the staff properly/ making sure the ratio of staff to members is adequate Legal Implications: if the ratio of staff to member is wrong and someone get injured, could potentially get sued (negligence) Potential Incident: SRC is hosting an event, emergency happens (tornado), the ratio is incorrect and the staff is unable to perform the emergency action plan. Resulting in injuries/death

  13. SRC hourly count sheet

  14. Risk #7/Responding to injuries Financial Treatment: Purchasing the proper equipment incase of emergency (splints, band aids, ice packs, defibrillator Reduction Treatment: train staff in first aid, quick response and who to call when injuries happen, injury reports are mandated Legal Implications: the SRC doesn't follow the emergency plan and follow though with the injury report, story could get mixed up resulting in a law suit Potential Incident: member playing racquet ball and sprains and ankle, SRC personal should immediately assist and take notes of incident

  15. SRC’s Injury Report/Liability Agreement

  16. Risk #8/Risk vs Activity Financial Treatment: Properly trained staff to assess the level of activity at that particular moment Reduction Treatment: Staff assess the level of activity from high to low, move the high member to particular area (soccer=court 1). Move low level to separate area (leisurely passing football around=court 2) Knowing when to move people to certain areas Legal Implication: If the intensity levels are not assessed someone could get hurt and sue. Potential Incident: members are playing 5 vs. 5 indoor soccer on court 1, two friends start passing a football around on same court, someone runs into another and get injured

  17. Risk #9/Staying within occupancy limits Financial Treatment: having staff to maintain facility and take care of daily tasks including keeping count Reduction Treatment: having a properly trained staff to keep count on an hourly rate, to make sure SRC doesn't exceed 300 people Legal Implications: if more then 300 people are at the SRC at any one time, certain procedures such as emergency plans, will not work Potential Incident: More then 300 people are at the SRC and an emergency happens where everyone needs to evacuate the building. Emergency protocol will not work the same with that amount of people, resulting in injuries or death

  18. …again keeping count is important…

  19. Risk #10/Weather Financial Treatment: Purchasing supplies to handle the mess made with bad weather (example: mopes for wet floors when snowing outside) Reduction Treatment: Having a well trained staff to keep the floors and equipment as usable as possible, knowing when to cancel events as well Legal Implications: If floors not maintained or event not postponed or cancelled someone could get hurt Potential Incident: Thunderstorm during a softball tournament held outside, the SRC staff doesn’t cancel the event and someone gets electrocuted

  20. Sexual Harassment/Emergency Policy

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