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Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Pensacola, FL Permit No. 385 PowerPoint Presentation
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Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Pensacola, FL Permit No. 385

Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Pensacola, FL Permit No. 385

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Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Pensacola, FL Permit No. 385

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  1. The American Legion Warrington Post 240 8666 Gulf Beach Highway Pensacola FL 32507-2639 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Nonprofit org. U.S. Postage PAID Pensacola, FL Permit No. 385 TheVictor’s Voice FOR GOD AND COUNTRY MARCH 2013 Commander’s Corner– February was an interesting month. We had visits from Department as well as District. We all know that elections are right around the corner so I am expecting more visits. Please make them feel welcomed to OUR outstanding Post. Thus far everyone has been impressed with the friendliness and hospitality everyone has given. You all rock!!!! March is going to be busy. 17 March we will be celebrating American Legion’s 94th birthday. I am tossing around a couple of ideas for the main course (swaying toward Bar-B-Q chicken and Ribs) but need help for the side dishes. Please sign up on the list. The first annual Seafood Fest is on track for 23 March. We will be having shrimp, crawfish and oysters in a cajun boil. We will have mild and hot as well as all the fixings. Price will depend on the cost when we get to New Orleans to buy the seafood. Still looking for volunteers to plan and assist with OUR Tribute to Vietnam Veteran’s on 27 April. See me if you are interested. First nominations for all the Legion Officers will be taken at this month’s General membership meeting. For God and Country Mike Holdener Email: COMMANDER Mike Holdener 291-6922 ADJUTANT Ron Woolsey 293-9396 1ST VICE COMMANDER Ron Woolsey 293-9396 2ND VICE COMMANDER Bill Stouffer 255-4243 3RD VICE COMMANDER Jake Taffaro 251-987-5848 FINANCE OFFICER John Edens 492-7082 HISTORIAN vacant SERGEANT-AT-ARMS John Sego 288-0609 CHAPLAIN vacant SERVICE OFFICER Randy McGhee 698-4171 ALR DIRECTOR Richard Raborn 380-4814 SAL COMMANDER Brian Nichols 723-0464 HOUSE COMMITTEE Hal Eyerly 944-7741 John Frenzel 437-1215 Bill Eastman 457-8419 Chuck Krahn458-0530 Marilyn Merkle 549-8095 POST LOUNGE 455-6111 1st Vice Cdr – We are on the home stretch. Currently we are at 95% membership. OUR goal is only 43 new members or transfers. Thanks to all those who have renewed their membership and a special thanks to those who have brought in new members. Please see me for address or phone number changes or just drop a note in the adjutant’s box in the lounge. I am here to serve the member of OUR Post. ForGod And CountryRon "BULL" Woolsey 2ndVice Cdr – Continuing our effort to get dances going again, we have Mike Diamond Band playing again on 23 March 2013 from 8:00PM to midnight. Cost is only $5.00. The kitchen will be offering a nice dinner from 5:30 to 7:30. Please come and support OUR dance. For God and Country – Bill Stouffer 3rd Vice Cdr – As always, we look forward to seeing you on the first Sunday of each month to enjoy some good fish, pork & beans and salads. Though our turn out was a little short of what we have been serving we did well, especially, since it was Super Bowl Sunday. Now we are ready to get to the finer things in life such as “FISH” provided by your fish fry staff and Post 240. So, brings some friends with you and join us for some good food, family time and friendship. Serving starts at 2:00 pm until gone.  For God and Country – Jake Taffaro LADIES AUXILIARY PRESIDENT Edie Herrington 456-8026 CHAPLAIN Mary Kowalski 791-6748 Legion Riders - The nominations for new Officers will start at the March meeting with the elections in May. Our next ALR meeting will be on March 10th at 1000 AM, please be there. Our big ride for the year will be 26 and 27 July, Ron “Gyro” Gyorkos is the committee chairman for this event so if you would like to assist in any way please contact him. Don’t forget our first Fun Run is the 9th of March with registration beginning at 0930 AM. This is for the Homeless Veterans of Pensacola, so come out and support this charity. For God and Country, Richard Raborn, Director Auxiliary– A nominating committee will be selected at the March meeting. Election of new officers will be held in May.  Think about who you would like to see in office or run for a position yourself.  Mardi Gras was great, but a lot of disappointment that there were so few Auxiliary members to help. Thanks to Chmn. Shirley Neal and  Co-chairman Connie Jones for their hard work.  It was successful and beautiful. Edie Herrington President  Unit # 240 P.S. If you haven't done so yet, Please pay your dues! Thanks

  2. Dance! Dance! Dance! Try some dance lessons by Amber & Andrew. different dances every month 3rd Tues each month 1900-1930 $3 members - $5 non-members ($8 couple non-members) 1930-2130 Open dancing FISH FRY 3 March 1400 till gone 1st ANNUAL SEAFOOD FEST Shrimp, Crawfish, Oysters, Boudin, Andouille, Corn, Potatos, Onions, and Mushrooms. ALL boiled in the finest Cajun Seasonings. 23 March 1300 Come and enjoy. Prices to be determined. Dog Wash 1100-1300. Need a place to hold a party !! (B’day, Anniv, Wedding, etc). Our Hall holds 199 people, has a private bar, band stand, dance floor, etc. Available most days. Very reasonable usage fees apply. For further info contact the Lounge Manager at 455-6111. LOUNGE: Due to the prices of premium liquors, the call drink prices are increasing by 25 cents. Sorry but we need to do this. Well drinks and beer prices will remain the same. Sue Wright Eagle’s Lair Manager Scholarship Chairman- Post 240 Scholarship Applications are on the wall above the Emblem Sales cabinet in the Post Lounge. If you would like more information please contact me at Countess Guiles ********IMPORTANT NOTES******** Call drink prices will increase by +$0.25 on 1 March 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Drink special $1.00 Lucky Leprechauns 12th – First Nomination for Officers NO CDR’s KITCHEN on 21 March Special Monthly Events: 9th -ALR Fun Run 0930 Registration 17th -American Legion’s 94th Birthday Celebration – Pot Luck 23rd – First Annual Seafood Fest (Crawfish, Shrimp, Oysters and more)