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Fur miliar Face

Fur miliar Face. By: Aleisha .

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Fur miliar Face

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  1. Furmiliar Face By: Aleisha

  2. You were sitting quietly on the window sill watching your neighbour, who also happens to be your crush, Dylan play soccer with his friends. You were startled when there was a knock on the door, it was your friends Liz, Cece, Niki ,and Abs, they were here for the sleepover that you guys had planned a few weeks ago. You guys were having a blast, you were talking, having pillow fights, eating junk food, and doing chubby bunny. What made the sleepover even more amazing was that your parents were in the Caribbean, so you had the whole house to your selves.

  3. You guys decide to put on a scary movie and not one of you liked movies in that genre but you guys were in the moment and felt like it. Barely 2 minutes have passed and you guys were already screaming and all wrapped up with pillows and blankets. The movie was about a cryptographer who solves a murder case and the victim comes back to haunt the cryptographer because he was actually the one who killed him but no one suspected him because he works with the FBI. Once the movie ended you guys got up and went to your room to go to sleep.

  4. You were awoken suddenly by a sound that sounded like someone was rummaging through your things downstairs. You got up, woke the other girls up, and told them to grab weapons. Your friends are not the smartest people around. Cece grabbed a hair curler, Liz grabbed a wooden spoon, Niki grabbed a small bird cage, Abs grabbed a coat hanger and you grabbed a spatula. As you guys crept downstairs, trying not to make a sound, you saw something glowing and then you heard a growling sound, you guys scream and run out of the house as fast as you can! Do you go back in and try to fight it? Do you call the police? or

  5. It was 2 O’clock in the morning, you guys were standing outside in nothing but shorts and tank tops, and you guys were freezing. You called the police and when they came they said that they had been getting a lot of calls on their radio’s about animal disturbances but not normal ones, kinds like glowing eyes and growling so loud that their neighbor three houses down could hear it. The police officer called for backup and animal control, when they arrived they went in silently and brought the animal out. It was a very large dog that you knew was not known to human but you recognized the face, it was similar to someone you were watching early, on your window sill, playing soccer. It was Dylan, you neighbor that you had a crush on! You kept his secret but decided to move on, you don’t really like the dog types. Go back to the last slide to pick a different ending? The End? or

  6. THE END Hope you enjoyed my adventure story! Go back to the beginning?

  7. As you guys were standing outside ,you guys were all thinking the same thing, that you should go back in there and try to fight it. Finally Abs spoke and said the thing that was all on your minds. You guys went in and saw the animal going through your garbage can when Liz accidentally stepped on a toy car that was your younger brothers. The big glowing-eyed creature turned around and… Ran away? Attacked you? or

  8. The creature leaped straight for you! You guys pulled out your “well chosen” weapons and fought back but as soon as he saw the weapons he stopped and started whimpering, you guys wanted to see if he was ok but weren't to sure about it. You guys decided to… Go see if the creature is alright? Go outside and phone the police? or

  9. The creature froze when he saw you holding your weapons. The creature and you stared at each other intensely for a good 3 minutes ,when you heard a bang coming from you next door neighbour. As soon as the creature heard the sudden bang he ran as fast as he could out the back door and into the bushes, you guys decided to… See what the loud sound was? Just forget the whole thing ever happened and go back to sleep? or

  10. You guys decide you cant just leave this poor animal here, you being the bravest decide to go see if the animal is ok since you want to be a veterinarian when you are older, you will just consider this practice. You creep up to it very slowly and look at it’s face, which looks very frightened. You then look at its side which has an open sore on it, you walk swiftly to your cabinet and grab out a tensor bandage and some Polysporin. You bandage up the animal and set it back into the wild. Every Wednesday it peaks its head out of the forest behind your house and lets you bandage him up and one day when the sore was healed you were scared you were never going to see him again but he continued to peak his head through the bush every Wednesday just to show thanks. THE END Go back to the beginning?

  11. You guys decided to investigate the loud sound, so you guys got your shoes on and went and knocked on your neighbours door. Mrs. Geddieanswered and when you guys asked about the loud and sudden bang she said that she had dropped a plate and it broke, but you guys new that a plate could not have made that loud of a sound, but you guys were also really tired, so you guys decided to… Investigate more into the loud sound? Just take her word for and go back to sleep? or

  12. You guys decided to just go back to sleep because you were all so tired and decided to forget about everything, you guys wouldn’t speak about it but you would always remember that day. THE END Go back to the beginning?

  13. You guys definitely didn’t believe Mrs. Geddie, so you all climbed over your fence , cut into her back yard, and snuck in through her back door. As soon as you stepped in the house you could hear sounds coming from upstairs, you guys crept upstairs as quietly as you could when you saw… Mrs. Geddie snoring? The glowing-eyed creature’s family? or

  14. Well, you guys did all of that for nothing, maybe Mrs. Geddie was telling the truth. You guys all headed home and went to sleep. THE END Back to the beginning

  15. You were all so shocked when you saw the freakishly large animal you just bandaged up and 3 mini versions, then it clicked, it was it’s family! You all questioned Mrs.Geddieand she said that she has been keeping them in her attic because one day she saw 2 animals in her backyard that were very skinny and close to death so she took them in. Then they had kids and they never wanted to leave, so she just kept them up there. You guys were in aw of what Mrs. Geddie had done for these animals and you guys never told a soul. Go back to the beginning?

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