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Early Childhood

Early Childhood.

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Early Childhood

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  1. Early Childhood My first experience with technology was when I was about 5 or 6. I remember I would go into my brothers room when he wasn’t home and play Super Nintendo. Me and my brother an sister were the only ones in my family that knew how to use or even work the Super Nintendo. My mom had no clue even how to turn it on. Finally one day I sat down with my mom and taught her how to work the Super Nintendo. Soon after she started to play it. Are favorite game in the house was Super Mario Bros.

  2. Mid Childhood • As the years gone by from my early childhood technology became more advanced. They came out with things like Playstation, Xbox, cell phones, beepers and computers became more popular. I remember I had a desk just for my electronics I had a computer, tv playstation. At that time I was the most technology literate because my brothers and mom had no clue how to use a computer so I had to teach them. It took a while for my mom to learn how to use the computer so I was say she would be the most technologically illiterate in my family.

  3. Lifestyle with out certain technology • Even one day if I go with out my phone and iPod. I go crazy because I need to listen to my music and call/text people. I barely go on the computer now so the way that people contact me now is basically through phone. If I don’t have my phone then I wont be able to communicate with people. So I cant go a day with out these things they are like a baby to me. IPod touch Iphone 3gs

  4. Right Now • Personally I think that I was a early adopter to technology because I was all ways around it from when I was a young child. My friends are the same way as I am they all are early adopters. I learn technologies everyday whether it is at home school outside school etc . I learn it everyday. Technology takes a huge part in are everyday life.

  5. Desk, Devices, Wish List

  6. Learning Technology • Learning technology comes easy to me its actually fun to learn new technology instead of the same old boring thing. I learn new technology everyday. • Sometimes technology can be a pain in the butt but most of the time I think its pretty common for me to know what I'm doing with that certain technology

  7. Contact Info • How people can reach me • Cell Phone • E-Mail • MySpace • Facebook • Twitter Most of the time people just call or text me because I always have my phone on me and I rarely near a computer

  8. Future • I think in about 10 years everyone will have to be technologically literate because everything has gone to technology. Every one uses the computers more , especially cell phones 9 out 10 people have a cell phone or knows how to use one. Technology becomes more and more advance as we go on through years. I cant even imagine what new technology they will come out in 10 years .

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