causes of world war i n.
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Causes of World War I PowerPoint Presentation
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Causes of World War I

Causes of World War I

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Causes of World War I

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  1. Causes of World War I

  2. Causes of the War Instructions: To review the causes of World War I, read the following definitions and answer the questions on the following slides on a separate piece of paper. After you have finished turn your responses into the teacher.

  3. Causes of the War • Nationalism: The citizens of the European nations expressed a strong devotion to their countries. Collectively the nations competed for resources, domination in industry, and a rivalry over territory. Ethnic groups in Europe also wished to rule their own territories.

  4. Causes of the War • Imperialism: Nations seek to control other less developed nations for economical, political, and social benefits. • Militarism: the European nations built up their militaries and standing and armies. The government glorified the military power and made the citizens feel patriotic about their armies.

  5. Causes of the War • Entangled Alliances: Two major alliances develop in Europe. One alliance was named the triple alliance. The Triple Alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The second alliance was the Triple Entente. The Triple Entente constisted of Great Britain, France and Russia. When one member of the alliance was attacked, the other members became obliged to enter the conflict to protect their ally.

  6. Causes of the War • Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand: Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Sarejevo, Bosnia. Bosnia had desired independence from Austria. When the Arch Duke of Austria came for a visit of the area, a member of the Black Hand, a secret society committed to Bosnian independence, shot and killed the Arch Duke. When the conflict could not be mediated between the two nations, Austria declared war on Serbia. Once Austria declared war on Serbia, Russia’s alliance with Serbia, drew them into the war. When Russia attempted to help defend Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia due to their alliance with Austria. The remaining allies were quickly called upon to help defend their allies. From here the conflict blew up into a world war.

  7. Causes of the War – Review Assessment Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and turn into the teacher. 1. Give an example of nationalism from a European nation previous to the World War I’s start. (Please do not use the example given in class.)

  8. Causes of the War – Review Assessment 2. What are two reasons a nation may wish to imperialize another nation. Give an example with your answer. 3. Why would militarism be a cause of the war?

  9. Causes of the War – Review Assessment 4. What are the names of the two alliances and which nations were in which alliance. Color on the map and label the members of the two alliances. Be certain to color the members of the first alliance in one color and the members of the second alliance in a second contrasting color.

  10. Causes of the War – Review Assessment

  11. Causes of the War – Review Assessment 5. How can alliances be a benefit? How can alliances be a drawback? 6. Did Austria have a right to make demands on Serbia after the assassination? Explain

  12. Causes of the War – Review Assessment 7. Could this war have been avoided? Why? Click here to return to the World War I Enrichment Activities home page