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Poster Art

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Poster Art

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  1. Poster Art Your response to the Artists & Art Periods we have studied so far, will be your final outcome for this unit; You are to produce an A2 sized poster for a Museum/Gallery that is showing one style of the Human Form. The title of your poster must therefore read: ‘Celebrating the Human Form in the style of.............’ You can choose which Artist/ period to respond to as long as you have this title. For example, “Celebrating the Human Form in the style of Art Deco”. Your poster must have design elements, showing thought has been given to layout and style. Use of imagery must be consistent with the chosen theme and sufficient information must also be included to successfully advertise the exhibition. (What are you advertising? When is it? Where is it being held? Prices? Opening times? Etc. Research Poster Art.)

  2. Ames Design

  3. Mark Arminski

  4. Ben Brown

  5. Art Chantry

  6. Mark Dancey

  7. Doyle Partners

  8. Brian Ewing

  9. Justin Hampton

  10. Derek Hess

  11. Bob Masse

  12. Task • This is the last lesson that you can use to raise your coursework grade to your target grade. • Today, complete your last target. • Today’s Learning Objective: • Understand GCSE Assessment Objectives & how to raise your grade in relation to these • Homework: • Complete all 3 targets

  13. Extended Learning using ICT • In your own time you should explore a range of different compositional ideas for your poster. • If you do this you will get more marks for Assessment Objective 2: development & exploration of ideas, including use of media. • You can quickly explore different layouts in a simple Word document • Open word & Insert Clip Art • Change settings to “search everywhere, including web folders”. • Search for an appropriate background. Try “flower stamp, landscape, pyramids”, depending on which style of Human Form you’re going to show on your poster. • Select the image you want to choose. When it appears on your page click on it to open an information bar. • Click on “text wrapping” (looks like an image of a dog on a lined paper). This allows you to manipulate the image on the page. • Search for an image for the foreground. Try “Egyptians, silhouettes” or whatever is suitable for your poster design.

  14. Extended Learning Using ICT • 7. Repeat steps 4 & 5. • 8. Repeat these steps until you have all the imagery you want to use in your poster. • Insert “Word Art”. Choose font colours & styles to suit your imagery. Experiment with different positioning. • Save & print each different composition you create. • At school, choose your favourite composition. Draw it out by hand & work into it using the media you want to use in your final poster.

  15. Which one of these layouts works best? Why?