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Which is Better For Your Business – SEO Or Social Media? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which is Better For Your Business – SEO Or Social Media?

Which is Better For Your Business – SEO Or Social Media?

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Which is Better For Your Business – SEO Or Social Media?

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  1. Which is Better For Your Business – SEO Or Social Media? StraightUp Marketing

  2. Search engine optimisation Or Social media marketing, which one would you Believe is best? Time and money are valuable for people who own a small business. Here, a crucial question arises – if a business has limited resources then what it should choose between SEO and social media marketing? A quick and clear answer for this question would be – both (SEO as well as Social Media Marketing). Check out a handful of facets of SEO and social media – exactly how they perform alongside one another, and occasionally versus each other.

  3. Social websites optimising or Search engine optimisation for Your Headlines • Headlines are crucial for both SEO and social media marketing. So, how to figure out that which one will be getting more priority than the other? • Solution: • The solution for this problem is use both of them together. Although optimising the headline concurrently for social media marketing and search engines like Google is not great, it undoubtedly makes you Imaginative and creative.

  4. Spammers and Fake Accounts • One of several means by which your competitors may attack is through social network websites. They produce faux accounts on social media sites symbolizing your business and then post your site content with huge amount of negative feedback, and as a result you’re flagged as spam. • Solution: • Search for you business on a regular basis by using social media platforms and search engines. If you come across an account declaring to represent your enterprise, flag/report it straightaway. Observe the feedback on your own blog posts also.

  5. Social Media Search engines surpassing Regular Search engines • Search engine optimisation wouldn’t be useful – until you apply a local search strategy. This implies that if your website isn’t optimised for search engines and social networking then it won’t appear in the results. • Solution: • Conduct a personal research about your targeted consumers. Find out that where are they most likely to look for your company? Decide exactly where your viewers are hunting for the products your company offers, and join those platforms immediately.

  6. The Workload intensifies • You need to ensure that your social networking websites/profile looks pretty much as good as your business website. This clearly implies that you are supposed to invest time, effort and money in social networking and SEO as well. • Solution: • Merging your social network with your business website will be an ideal solution for this issue. Submit critical content from your site and your associates. Use the identical s logos, hade schemes, photos and so on.

  7. Producing Shareable Content • Most of the time your content doesn’t live up to your expectations and fails to grab such opportunities. • Solution: • Any content that goes viral will increase your targeted traffic that will increase rankings on Google, which will eventually enhance your SEO. However, it’s difficult to predict that when a post is going to become viral, so you should create content by keeping SEO in mind.

  8. Conclusion • After reading all the above written issues and their solutions, what comes to you mind? Do you think that SEO is better than social media marketing? Some may still say yes while others may disagree. What’s important to remember here is that if you’re serious about your digital presences then you need to create an excellent brand, provide high level of user experience and this can be achieved by incorporating both SEO and social media marketing in your promotional campaign.

  9. Thank You Straight Up Marketing