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  1. Science Jeopardy! 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

  2. 100 What is a vertebrate? Answer: An animal with a backbone.

  3. 200 • What do we call animals without backbones? Answer: Invertebrates

  4. 300 • A dolphin is a mammal. List at least 3 characteristics of dolphins that cause them to be classified as mammals. Answer: Dolphins, also known as porpoises, breath air, are warm blooded, feed their babies milk, give birth to live young, and feed their babies milk.

  5. 400 • Mammals breath air with lungs, give birth to live young, have hair or fur, and are warm blooded. • Which 2 of these characteristics to mammals share with birds? Answer: Both mammals and birds breath air with lungs and are warm blooded.

  6. 500 • Jaisha said that amphibians such as frogs, toads, and salamanders have moist skin, but reptiles like alligators, snakes, turtles, and lizards, have dry scales. • Is she correct? Answer: Yes. She is correct. Reptiles have dry scales, amphibians have moist skin.

  7. 100 Name 3 causes of erosion. Answer: Water, wind, and ice (glaciers)

  8. 200 Which causes the MOST erosion: Wind, water, or ice? Answer: Water

  9. 300 What type of rock is formed when magma cools? Answer: Igneous rock

  10. 400 Which travels faster– a bicycle that travels 24 kilometers in 1 hour or a bicycle that travels 48 kilometers in 2 hours? Answer: Speed = distance divided by time 24 divided by 1 = 24 48 divided by 2 = 24 They are traveling at the same speed.

  11. 500 If there was a full moon last night, what phase of the moon would you expect to see: 2 weeks from today 4 weeks from today Answer: A. 2 weeks after a full moon you will see a new moon. B. 4 weeks after a full moon you will see a full moon again.

  12. 100 Is the sun bigger than the Earth? Answer: Yes! Much bigger!!!!

  13. 200 What forms of energy does the sun produce? Answer: Light and heat

  14. 300 Is it possible to count the number of stars in the universe? Answer: No. There are too many for us to count. Scientists estimate that there are over 100 billion stars.

  15. 400 The sun is a star. Why does the sun appear to be bigger than all of the other stars? Answer: The sun is not the biggest star. It appears bigger because it is the closest star to our planet, Earth.

  16. 500 The sun is more than a million times larger than the Earth. The sun is an average sized star, that means most stars are a million times bigger than the Earth – some even bigger! Explain why the stars look so small. Answer: The stars are very far away.

  17. 100 What part of the plant takes in water an nutrients from the soil? Answer: The roots

  18. 200 What part of the plant uses light, air, and water to make food through a process called photosynthesis? Answer: The leaves

  19. 300 What happens to a seed when it germinates? Answer: It begins to grow and become a plant.

  20. 400 Name 4 things plants must have in order to grow. Answer: Light, air, water, and space. (Not all plants need soil, some grow without soil)

  21. 500 Some plants reproduce without seeds. Give an example of a way a plant can reproduce without seeds. Answer: Ferns and mosses grow from spores, tulips and lilies grow from bulbs bulbs, some plants make “runners” that grow from the parent plant, some plants can be grown from cuttings.

  22. 100 Shawn wants to know what the volume of bowl of liquid is. What tool can he use to find out? Answer: Graduate, graduated cylinder, measuring cup, or beaker

  23. 200 What tool can be used to find the mass of a small rock? Answer: a balance scale

  24. 300 Michelle is conducting a scientific investigation. She is growing sunflower seeds in different types of soils. What unit of measurement should she use when she measures the height of her seedlings? Answer: centimeters (millimeters could also be used, units must be metric in science.)

  25. 400 What would you use a spring scale to measure? Answer: Force

  26. 500 A. What would you use a thermometer to measure? B. Name the 2 units a thermometer measure in. Answer: A. Thermometer B. Fahrenheit and Celsius

  27. 100 Cuban tree frogs are not native to Florida. They eat the same prey that native frogs do and will also eat native frogs. What will happen to the frogs in Florida when Cuban tree frogs are set free in Florida? Answer:The number of native frogs will decease because there will be less food for them and many of them will be eaten by the Cuban Tree Fog.

  28. 200 Some animals, such as birds and Monarch butterflies migrate. What does the word migrate mean? Answer: to move from one habitat or environment to another in response to seasonal changes and variations in food supply.

  29. 300 Deer live in a wooded area. If the weather conditions cause the plants deer like to eat to grow more and bigger than ever, what will happen to the deer population? Answer: The deer population will increase.

  30. 400 Monarch butterflies eat a plant called milkweed. Because of the draught, fewer milkweed plants are growing. What will happen to the population of Monarch butterflies? Answer: The number of Monarch Butterflies will decrease.

  31. 500 • What kinds of organisms are producers? • Name 3 organisms that are consumers. Answer: A. Plants B. Any 3 animals