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Chapter 6 “Hundreds of People” PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 6 “Hundreds of People”

Chapter 6 “Hundreds of People”

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Chapter 6 “Hundreds of People”

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  1. Chapter 6 “Hundreds of People” By: Tyler Leidy

  2. Title The title is important because of the number of suitors that want to be with Lucieshe is a real “catch” in the book. I feel Dickens try's to conveys her not as a woman but as a symbol of all that is good.

  3. Characters in Chapter 6 • Jarvis Lorry • Miss Pross • Dr. Manette • Lucie Manette • Darnay • Sydney Carton • Handmaid

  4. Summary • Mr. Lorry travels to the Manette house to talk with his friends when he arrives he has a discussion with Miss Pross. • This conversation involves Pross telling Lorry how many suitors want Lucie and that there are “hundreds” this shows that Lucie is a “catch”. • Miss Pross says her brother Solomon would be best for Lucie but Mr. Lorry knows this man is a criminal. • Then when the Manette’s come back to the house with Darnay he tell’s a story about a message in a cell that read D.I.G so he dug and found a burnt piece of paper Dr.Manette acts odd after hearing this which infers he might have a connection to this story. • Carton then arrives at the house to talk also and Lucie says that the traffic she hears will soon be coming to her and Carton says if that’s true “a great crowd must be on its way”

  5. Literary Devices • Symbolism- Mr. Lorry when he gets to the house realizes that Dr. Manette still has he’s prison workbench this shows that a part of him will always be lost to prison. • Imagery- This is used when Darnay is describing the cell to the people at the Manette’s house. • Foreshadowing- this is used at the end of the chapter when Lucie basically say’s the footsteps she hears will be on her one day and Carton pretty much says that must be a great crowd this foreshadows the French revolution and all the giant army’s etc.

  6. Essential Quote “Perhaps. Perhaps, see the great crowd of people with its rush and roar, bearing down upon them too.